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The Chess Empire pt1
Avatar By Gemini Guardian
Posted 13 Mar 2017 20:41
Category: Short Story
•The Chess Empire•


"Amilie! What are you doing!?" My mother asked, well more yelled than asked but, it's not like I was doing anything wrong. I was just looking through my mother's crysal telescope, the one that can look into different worlds, "Amilie Dawn Thorn, I repeat. What. Exactly. Are. You. Doing. In my office?" She talks choppy when she is angry, so I just made up a lie, "Nothing. I came looking for you and the telescope looked cool, so I just peeked through it." She looked suspiciously at me, "You didn't see anything?" I had seen something, a kingdom, that looked like ours, but brighter, it sure was strange, but I also saw a kid looking back at me, like he could sense, or see me, "Nope, I had just put my eye up to it when you came." She did a quiet sigh of relief, "You know the rules Ami. No coming into my office." I rolled my eyes, "I told you, I was looking for you!" I had really hoped she would believe my story, "Yes yes, I know, but for what?" She said impatiently, like she wanted me to leave already." I had to think of something, and fast, "Umm, I just wanted to know if you, uhh, want to help me, uh, make, ummm, cinnamon rolls! Yea, I just needed your help since you're a great cook!" She looked pleased, "Well I guess I could. Just let me get my recipie journal, you go ahead and set up the kitchen." I could see a small, crooked smile on her face, that surprised me since she RARELY, smiles, "Alright, no problem," I smiled back, "I'll just use your teleporter to get down the 617 steps." She turned around, "No, the last time you used it I took weeks to repair it, and anyway. You need to learn to use your teleportation spell by now." I groaned, "Fine. I'll walk down those 617 STEPS." I said the 617 steps extra loudly, maybe she would have some sort of mercy upon me? I don't know, but she just chuckled quietly to herself while studying her shelves, I bet by the time I get down she would already be done.
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Avatar Rlad116
17 Mar 2017 14:47
I would like to crush you in a game of Chess
Avatar Gemini Guardian
18 Mar 2017 01:32
In reply to Rlad116
HAH, I'd like to see you try!
Avatar Crude Gestures
15 Mar 2017 12:20
Harambe would be proud.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
15 Mar 2017 13:20
In reply to Crude Gestures
Ty I guess xD

Avatar FiNrOd
14 Mar 2017 11:44
Avatar Gemini Guardian
14 Mar 2017 13:50
In reply to FiNrOd
lol what?
Avatar FiNrOd
14 Mar 2017 14:06
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Avatar Gemini Guardian
14 Mar 2017 15:10
In reply to FiNrOd
lol c-a-r-d or do you mean spell as in magical spell?
Avatar FiNrOd
14 Mar 2017 15:59
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Avatar Thi500
14 Mar 2017 01:06
This is actually really cool.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
14 Mar 2017 02:45
In reply to Thi500
0w0 Thanks! I had the idea after crushing my sis in chess lol
Avatar Thi500
14 Mar 2017 02:55
In reply to Gemini Guardian
The best ideas come can come from anywhere!
Avatar Gemini Guardian
14 Mar 2017 03:00
In reply to Thi500
Yeps! ^-^
Avatar oswaldo123
13 Mar 2017 23:42
make more :p
Avatar Gemini Guardian
14 Mar 2017 00:06
In reply to oswaldo123
lel okie :3
Avatar Gemini Guardian
13 Mar 2017 20:44
My goal is 5 likes, I hope you enjoyed, I will make the more if someone requests it. Have a nice day, and like this! :3
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