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5 years :')
Avatar By oswaldo123
Posted 17 Mar 2017 23:41
Category: This Community
Dear Users and Friends,

March 17, 2012 I registered for this website.... March 17, 2017 it's been 5 years since I registered. I've seen this community go through its golden age as well as the dark ages. But I was not alone it was an experience the community went through with me. These 5 years I have made and lost so many friends as did many other old members, through all these struggles, its just what we have to endure as a community. Those members that have been here longer than me and still remain, that's dedication. I just want to thank everyone who has helped this site live on to this day, Here's to another 5 years.... :p
And here's to the future of paint, Enjoy your time on paint it flies.


Also happy St. Patrick's Day

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Avatar canoob
25 Jun 2017 04:45
5 years. Thats long. But your still super cool. You've kept this site on it's feet!
Avatar oswaldo123
25 Jun 2017 05:06
In reply to canoob
Thanks man, I did not keep this site alive on my own, it is everyone who interacts in chats, blogs, groups, etc.. We all have kept paint alive.
Avatar canoob
25 Jun 2017 05:54
In reply to oswaldo123
Really. But I think your the coolest.

Avatar oswaldo123
22 Mar 2017 21:30
It makes me happy hull liked my blog :p
Avatar lolgal75
22 Mar 2017 20:57
i wish we could get this site more publicity.
Avatar SadieW
19 Mar 2017 19:00
I guess it's about 6 for me...
Avatar oswaldo123
19 Mar 2017 19:19
In reply to SadieW
Nice : )
Avatar oswaldo123
18 Mar 2017 16:53
(I tried to reply to your comment mimi but I removed it liked a dinosaur head)
Avatar FiNrOd
18 Mar 2017 20:39
In reply to oswaldo123
exactly what Hull needs to fix. Everything thats deletable is done in one click, accident or not. NOt even an "Are you sure" or "AREYOU EVEN SURER" or "ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT".
Avatar FiNrOd
18 Mar 2017 15:08
Avatar oswaldo123
18 Mar 2017 15:23
In reply to FiNrOd
Avatar Thi500
18 Mar 2017 02:10
Hey dude, congrats on 5 years.
Avatar oswaldo123
18 Mar 2017 03:44
In reply to Thi500
You to, we joined the same month
Avatar oswaldo123
17 Mar 2017 23:45
I never liked reading long blogs so I kept it short and sweet (thanks again) :p
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