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The Chess Empire pt 4
Avatar By Gemini Guardian
Posted 19 Mar 2017 02:36
Category: Short Story

•The Chess Empire•

•Prologue Page 4 (Final)•

"Whew..." Just then the dragons mouth shut closed, the jaws cut through the flesh of my finger, I cried out in pain, blood rushed from my finger onto the book. As the blood rushed out I got dizzy and the room spun around me, just then the dragon released my finger, I held my arm to my body, sobbing because of the pain. The dragons head grew larger, then he was large enough to swallow me whole, I screamed at the top of my lungs. I then heard footsteps running up to my door, "AMILIE!" My mothers voice yelled, she tried opening the door, but it was barred, "HELP! HELP ME... PLEASE!" The dragons head leaned over me, and it opened its large jaws, with blood dripping off of its large sharp teeth. I cried knowing I was about to die, just then the door of my room was broken down by a battering ram, "Mom!" I cried, "AMILIE! NOOO!" and the dragon then swallowed me whole, all that remained was the blood on my bed. The dragon then roared an ear piercing roar my mother collapsed to the ground and the knights and rooks ran out, the dragons head returned to the normal size and the clasps opened. My mother was thrown out of the room by a blast and the entrance to the room collapsed. After that my mother forbade anyone of speaking of me, she covered up the entrance of the west side with a stone wall, as if it never exsisted. As if I had never exsisted. She forgot about me, so did the kingdom. Until the day someone finds this book. I shall be forgotten, like a memory of fantasy.

136 years later...

ATTENTION: I have a page on my profile with the pictures to everything, it would help a lot for you all to understand the story, I hope.
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Avatar oswaldo123
19 Mar 2017 02:40
The first blog I featured :p
Avatar Gemini Guardian
19 Mar 2017 02:43
In reply to oswaldo123
Yay lol c:
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