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The Chess Empire pt 4 (Rewritten!)
Avatar By GEMini GUARDian
Posted 19 Mar 2017 02:36
Bumped 05 Jun 2017 13:01
Category: Short Story

•The Chess Empire•

•Prologue Page 4 (Final)•

"Whew..." Just then the dragons mouth shut closed, the jaws cut through the flesh of my finger, I cried out in pain, blood rushed from my finger. As the blood rushed out, the dragon tightened its grip on my finger, making the pain worse. The book suddenly started to glow and writing appeared on it. In desperation because of the pain I read it, "To become free of this pain. Continue to insert your blood. Until we are all satisfied." And the dragon bit down harder, making me yell out again, I tried kicking the book off my finger, but it just ripped through my flesh. I looked at the other open jaws, "Screw it." I muttered, and I jammed my left pointer into the middle dragons mouth, the same happened as it did with the first dragon, the mouth slowly started to close, I was breathing heavily, the sharp teeth barely touched my skin, "Oh go- AGH!" The jaws shut closed with speed faster than the other. Cutting so deep that I could swear it was grazing my bone. I looked desperately at the third dragon. His mouth was wide open, as if saying, come. Insert your finger. I had no other hand, and I was in desperation to be free, so I jammed my toe into the jaws of the dragon. The same happened. Slow closing, almost touching. Then bam! I yelled out again, "Now le- AGHHH..." The heads grew larger, which pulled my fingers and foot deeper in, deeper, deeper. My arms and leg were completely in, the more the dragons grabbed, the bigger they grew. The pain was.. I can't explain. They just kept pulling my limbs into their mouths. When they couldn't anymore, they released everything and combined into one head, with a blinding glow, larger than I was, and it just grabbed my legs. I was screaming hysterically. The dragon just kept biting down and pulling me in. Until I was gone inside it's jaws. But I didn't die. Not yet. You will find out what happened to me soon.

Exactly 2,000 years later.

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Avatar oswaldo123
05 Jun 2017 16:11
Bumper cars.
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
05 Jun 2017 13:02
Self featuring admin abuse D:
Avatar oswaldo123
19 Mar 2017 02:40
The first blog I featured :p
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
19 Mar 2017 02:43
In reply to oswaldo123
Yay lol c:
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