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Avatar By FiNrOd
Posted 09 Apr 2017 17:28
Category: Short Story
Can't just let Thi win the most genderbent story.

“Are you losing the war, in your garden?” A background advertisement that I listlessly closed out as I dragged my Garage sale, Windows XP 5 mouse over my Princess peach mousepad. A filthy grey’d site in the center of duel Anime merchandise ads, was open on my blurry ass “1983 tv” computer screen. The site was laid out like one of those Card tables at a casino. Almost as if it was screaming “Pick a card any card pick the one wrong one and experience
”Can I b administration plz I'll be gud”, “Hoi! can we tlk in chatzroom? Owo thnx” or “This site is dead lul”
hell. Although this wasn't the first time I've been on this hellish site. I've been here for a good 2 years. I'm practically an admin (lol). But I do know the in’s and out’s of this damn site. With that my fingers nibbled the wheel on the peak of my mouse and it “swiggety swoogitied” down to the butt of the site. At the bottom, Six notifications were beaming up in my face.

My Notifications
“WeDemBoizOfThisSite group shout from GermanyGuardian”
“R u gay? (Lol) message from Skullbeach”
“Blog not featured, reason:Th1 no @ppr0ve it 2edgy lol”
“BB post:How many genders are there? response from WorldOfWarcraftAngelgirl73”
“Friend request from Amelia-chan6900”
“Obtained Modified Space Meteor V1br@t0r from Old Monk Guy”

Apparently I haven't noticed the “I just ate liquid lasagna” yellow pee colored, square rectangle message that stretched across the top of the screen. Because it was just lingering there from the start. It was from that Skullbeach guy. He spammed the **** out of, my notifications since episode one (oh wait). Slowly I moved my mouse over to the caged “X” on the side of the message, and did a 360 triple click. The skullbeach message disappeared deep into the
Hullbreach Data migration glitches
web. After going through almost all of the notifications. I moved my mouse over to the single, isolated and last notification on the page. The “WeDemBoizOfThisSite” Group shout. I spam clicked it 3 times before it finnaly loading, aaand about Mid-load it lagged. That's what I get for not upgrading to Windows 11. Anyway even though the loading stopped for a good five seconds, One shout was visible in the shout box although it was only half way loaded. The “loading lag” was taking a bit long, but just as I was about to impatiently engage in intense
Anal pounding
refresh button spam. It loaded!. From all that staring at a blurry ass 1989 Computer screen, I tiredly looked at what used to be the half loaded shout. The shout left me there like a folded rug
Being chewed on by a lesbian
and in awe for, also a good five seconds. The shout was eagerly posted by a user by the name of “IIdtentifuAsAAttaxkApacheHeliXPlzSubToMeiPostDailyMinecraftVidzAlsoILOvEYaoi” as amazing as that name was so was their shout. I slowly zoomed into the shout as if I were one of those, “End me Exx deeedeeedeeedeedee” meme faces. The shout soon became a blurry message one with the screen. The shout directly translated from Japonese to English, read the words…..
“Thi ur a frkn fgt”

End of episode one.
Thanks for reading!

Now obviously I claimed that “Modified Space Meteor V1br@t0r, faster than the speed of sound no need to worry. These things sell like
Kim Kardashian Butt implants.
hot cakes. Getting one of these is like, single handedly destroying your enemies, being blessed by god. Toppling down Capitalism, While stealing your girl, Destroying all means of Filthy factories, building a wall, Winning the lottery, Creating clean energy, Becomming president, Obtaining the Stock market, Getting 927317 followers on instagram, becoming a meme, getting a raise, AND getting your blog featured.
Featured: Yes (Thi500)
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Avatar oswaldo123
28 Dec 2017 09:20
Needs genderbent F I T T E N
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
29 Dec 2017 23:53
In reply to oswaldo123
Avatar oswaldo123
30 Dec 2017 00:14
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
It's only a matter of time tbhh
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
30 Dec 2017 00:31
In reply to oswaldo123
True dat.
Avatar FiNrOd
29 Dec 2017 00:41
In reply to oswaldo123
Stop it, get some help.
Avatar oswaldo123
29 Dec 2017 00:58
In reply to FiNrOd
Just accept it >:c
Avatar FiNrOd
30 Dec 2017 17:19
In reply to oswaldo123
Denied >:’(
Avatar oswaldo123
30 Dec 2017 21:41
In reply to FiNrOd
Would you do it for a Scooby snack? :o
Avatar FiNrOd
31 Dec 2017 16:12
In reply to oswaldo123
Myaybe not
Avatar oswaldo123
31 Dec 2017 16:13
In reply to FiNrOd
needs bump
Avatar Tomthesk8r
20 Sep 2017 14:51
Lol I didnt understand a word
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
17 May 2017 15:43
Write more n00b.
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
10 Apr 2017 12:10
I am seriously confused @-@
Avatar FiNrOd
10 Apr 2017 12:12
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
I swear on mi mum you guys are trash. Ahem* I'll explain a lot of things before the start of next episode.
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
10 Apr 2017 12:16
In reply to FiNrOd
lol okie butter brain
Avatar Luisjo96
09 Apr 2017 17:22
This is gay
Avatar FiNrOd
09 Apr 2017 19:28
In reply to Luisjo96
Avatar oswaldo123
09 Apr 2017 16:45
Germany guardian, ded
Avatar oswaldo123
09 Apr 2017 16:44
Avatar Thi500
09 Apr 2017 16:41
Is this the new trend?
Avatar FiNrOd
09 Apr 2017 19:29
In reply to Thi500
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