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The Diary In The Woods


Avatar reml.o_x
23 Jan 2019 21:00
but no cookies ):
Avatar Gemini Guardian
23 Jan 2019 21:01
In reply to reml.o_x
rip in cookie-less-ness
Avatar Finrod
30 May 2017 19:14
I like how it takes him/her/they/fidget spinner/Luis/God/Attack helicopter a day to realize that maybe they should right something in the book. Maybe you should make it like hours.
Avatar Luisjo96
30 May 2017 22:08
In reply to Finrod
Avatar Gemini Guardian
30 May 2017 21:09
In reply to Finrod
Well when the get the book, they don't know what to do with it so over time they get better at writing or something? I dunno.
Avatar Finrod
31 May 2017 13:31
In reply to Gemini Guardian
>Not planned out stury
-3 pts
Avatar Gemini Guardian
31 May 2017 14:05
In reply to Finrod
nuuuu D:
Avatar Thi500
30 May 2017 17:35
This reminds me of something I did in English class
Avatar Gemini Guardian
30 May 2017 21:10
In reply to Thi500
lol I was honestly just bored, and wanted to support the sudden blog population boost
Avatar oswaldo123
30 May 2017 16:22
Very nice
Avatar Gemini Guardian
30 May 2017 21:10
In reply to oswaldo123
Thanks wallface .u.
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