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Go the heck to sleep Waldo


Avatar Finrod
08 Jun 2017 12:06
Get a real tinder Waldo.
Avatar redflarezZ
08 Jun 2017 02:49
Avatar oswaldo123
08 Jun 2017 03:18
In reply to redflarezZ
I'm basically a meme now XD
Avatar redflarezZ
08 Jun 2017 03:46
In reply to oswaldo123
yesss, and it's the best thing yet
Avatar oswaldo123
07 Jun 2017 06:29
Also the blog says I've been up foe multiple days when I have not. More than 30 hours but not multiple days.
Avatar OxygenDeficient
07 Jun 2017 06:43
In reply to oswaldo123
I know, that was kinda just a quick "ah you've been up a long time :U" without using the actual time because I was lazy and didn't want to go dig through the chat to find the actual number. It was also probably buried by that time and I couldn't remember so I just put that.
Avatar oswaldo123
07 Jun 2017 06:18
This is why I shouldn't open my big mouth D:

I've been lying to everyone saying that I was getting sleep and I really want to but I just can't no matter how hard I try. So many heavy thoughts circling my mind and things happening at home. Thanks for the concern but that is what I wanted to avoid I hate it when people are concerned about me. >n<

I'll be fine to anyone who is thinking otherwise. It may take some time but i'll live through it.
Avatar OxygenDeficient
07 Jun 2017 06:50
In reply to oswaldo123
This is more supposed to be a silly joke than anything. Because like I know eventually you will get tired enough from staying awake that you do fall asleep, everyone does eventually.

For actual good and serious advice though I would just suggest trying to calm down and think of other things when you want to try to sleep, or maybe even count sheep or something. Possibly maybe see a doctor about having insomnia? I know you said you were just thinking about stuff going on in your life, but I dunno maybe insomnia medication could help if that may be a possible cause. But I'm just saying if you actually think that could be a cause for the whole thing and not just "well kitty said so" cause Doctors are expensive :U or even just doing stuff that makes you less stressed out before trying to sleep could help you maybe.

I dunno I'm not like a doctor or something I just think maybe some of those things could help you sleep?
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