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Everly (5)
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Posted 16 Jun 2017 23:30
Category: Miscellaneous
CHAPTER FIVE (sorry for delay)

"You only see the true face of the universe when it asks for help, and it sees your true colors depending on how you react"

You realize something, something big, life changing, when 20 something people are willing to stand and fight for something they believe in, no matter what they are up against. An army. 20 to 100. That's what it will take. You don't expect people who you don't know personally, or at all, to come and defend you.
Marc had grabbed me quickly after Asher left me alone outside his office. He rushed me to his motorcycle, and started the engine
"What do you think you are doing?" Said a voice from behind us. I turned to see it was Kai, Patrick trailing behind him. They both had stern faces, drilling holes into Marc's gaze.
"Ash gave me orders to get her as far away from here as I can," Marc replied, returning the deathly glare.
"Well ash told us that we need to keep her here, driving off would attract too much attention," Patrick said, while Kai was moving to pull me off the vehicle, but Marc was faster, he started the engine and drove off, without letting me put my helmet on. (What happened to safety first!)

Bad idea. As we were driving away, we crossed paths with the government. It was instinct to change into another person, so I chose my mother, pictures of her when she was young allowed me to see her clearly when I remember them hanging them on the wall in the living room. The cars filled with soldiers stopped us half way, motioning for us to park the motorcycle over. Marc hopped off first, but made me stay seated. He talked to them in an accent, telling how he and his wife were just passing through the town, looking for a hotel to stay at. The soldiers didn't buy the story, one grabbed Marc and put a gun to his head, and another walked towards me. I showed my best face of fear, still getting used to the new face. The solder hesitated, looking to his leader. The man nodded, having NO RESPECT FOR WOMEN WHATSOEVER. Anyway, ahem. He pulled me off the bike, shoving me against a black truck. I heard a scream, realizing it was my own as a sharp pain pierced my upper arm. I looked down to see a shard of metal lying there. The pain had forced me to turn back into myself, using too much energy to take in the whole moment. Mark swore, jerking away from the men holding him, and started towards the one harming me. The man only responded by pushing the metal farther inwards, making my bite my already bleeding lip to keep myself from crying. I was stronger than this. But they were stronger.
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17 Jun 2017 17:47
>respec for woman

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