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My faith in Humanity is in the negatives


Avatar HullBreach
24 Jun 2017 03:09
Feminism has historically come in 3 waves in the United States.

The 1st wave was universal suffrage, which led to granting women the same voting rights as men nationwide via passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. Previous to this, the decisions of voting laws were left to the states, and those laws were not consistent. Some allowed women full voting rights; some allowed voting for just state elections; some allowed voting in just presidential elections. Similarly to the 14th Amendment's equal protect clause, the 19th Amendment moved equality in voting to the Federal level.

The 2nd wave happened in several nations and was related to equal representation in the workplace and in other areas. The peak was during the Civil Rights period of US history, though is spanned probably a decade on either end.

The 3rd wave is what's happening now. This is marked by misandry, social justice warriors, abortions, and attempts at fabricating inequalities where they don't exist. For example, the gender pay gap is a debunked myth from the 1970s (toward the tail end of the 2nd wave), which claims that women earn about 71%-78% of what men earn for the same experience and equivalent jobs. There are 2 problems with this claim: (1) If it was true, no companies would hire men because it would be cheaper to hire women to increase profit margins. (2) The percentage was derived from averaging estimates of pay across entire industries, not taking into account that women statistically take off more time to raise children than men do and that women in the 1970s didn't choose as many higher paying careers as they do now (For example: nurses, instead of doctors). Recent analyses have found that single women earn about 104% what single men do for the same experience and the same job.

My view is that 1st wave and 2nd wave feminism were needed to bring about equality, but 3rd wave feminism is nothing more than a political method of creating faux outrage for politicians to divide the populace and gain votes. It's an example of the Hegelian Dialectic, wherein government officials divide people into opposing factions, called the "thesis" and the "antithesis". From the chaos that arises, they can form a "synthesis" of increased power.
Avatar Thi500
24 Jun 2017 03:28
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Avatar Haruspex
23 Jun 2017 18:42
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Avatar Finrod
20 Jun 2017 14:37
You forgot how they call everything against or opposing them, Misogyny. Also period brownies/cookies stained my life.
Avatar OxygenDeficient
20 Jun 2017 19:31
In reply to Finrod
Oh god I forgot about that.

And ewwww what the heck, that's even more disgusting what even is wrong with these people
Avatar Star Shadow
19 Jun 2017 22:12
"Feminism is equality for both gendurs"? So Luis is not a gender? Triggered.
Avatar Luisjo96
19 Jun 2017 22:14
In reply to Star Shadow
This is starting to become abuseeee
Avatar Star Shadow
19 Jun 2017 22:16
In reply to Luisjo96
At least it's not the sexual kind. Yet.
Avatar oswaldo123
19 Jun 2017 19:02
Sad part is, there is much worse.
Avatar OxygenDeficient
19 Jun 2017 19:06
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Avatar Thi500
19 Jun 2017 18:56
Avatar OxygenDeficient
19 Jun 2017 18:58
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Avatar Thi500
19 Jun 2017 20:36
In reply to OxygenDeficient
You screech a lot
Avatar OxygenDeficient
19 Jun 2017 20:42
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Avatar Thi500
20 Jun 2017 00:20
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Avatar OxygenDeficient
21 Jun 2017 00:14
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Avatar To4oo4
21 Jun 2017 13:52
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