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Kitty explains Furries I guess


Avatar Tomthesk8r
18 Sep 2017 21:43
Are furries memes N N N
Avatar LaZerWoLF
13 Jul 2017 22:57
The Furry Community and the LGBTQ Community usually go hand in hand.

Just puttin' that out there.
Avatar Luisjo96
09 Jul 2017 20:01
I really wouldn't have much problem with this people and the things they do if it wasn't that the thing that got them so freaking popular and hated by literally everyone everywhere it's the goddang freaking strong cringy sexual side of it, it's terrible, and it ain't dying any time soonnnnn.
It has pretty much become an stigma for the people who actually enjoys drawing cool things, playing around with their costume things and whatever, i don't know, i just find it quite sad xD
Avatar Keendrick
10 Jul 2017 05:26
In reply to Luisjo96
I agree, they are like the most hated group on the Internet right after white supremacists and the antifa. It's pretty sad.
Avatar Finrod
09 Jul 2017 21:37
In reply to Luisjo96
and fnaf
Avatar Luisjo96
09 Jul 2017 21:58
In reply to Finrod
Well this giant mess was a thing even before that game existed, the thing is that it made them even more cancerous.
Avatar Dedode
09 Jul 2017 18:36
Is Bloody Roar furry's favorite fighting game?
Avatar oswaldo123
09 Jul 2017 17:18
Needs more leaving paint polls.
Avatar OxygenDeficient
09 Jul 2017 17:28
In reply to oswaldo123
nah son
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