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Pitbulls are not misjudged angels.


Avatar DarkGhost
13 Aug 2017 23:10
I was trying to type in 3 days and my phone had this website saved in suggested so I came on to check everything out.

So you based this off with 1 website and personal experience, alright let me dive into this and see if we can get some cogs turning. As you said and backed up from the website you find this that Pitt bulls have the highest rate of *reported* bites to people. Is it because Pitt bulls were always portrayed as these horrible aggressive dogs that owners of Pitts decide to report them more often than other dogs? Also, you stated toddlers then gave information on people, not focused at toddlers as well as deaths from Pitts, again not exactly geared at toddlers.

Were these deaths on homes or the owner? Or are these stray pits that were neglected, possibly abused, hell maybe even escaped out of a dog ring after a loss? Was it a horrible owner where the Pitt finally snapped and fought back? There's a lot of holes and I'm not convinced.

Now onto your personal experience with them. So they never attacked you or anyone but got aggressive with each other and that means they'll attack children? They're not the only aggressive dog breed out there, nor are they the most aggressive. When your friend got rid of one male Pitt the remaining one became the alpha, so when they introduced another alpha like and aggressive breed, yes chihuahuas are more aggressive then Pitts, the Pitt had to show that he was in charge.

Onto the second experience, I'm not sure, it could be possible that the dogs were just releasing testosterone because they weren't able to while the Guardian dog was in heat.

Anywho, I have 2 Pitts and a one year old brother, the Pitts absolutely love him, they let him lay on him using them as a pillow letting him pat on them and just generally really gentle and sweet. The reason? Well they're relatively young, about 2 or 3, as well as they were trained and taught well, not to be aggressive unless they or I (my family and people they've been around) are in danger or feel threatened.

I'll read this once it's posted and edit it if I missread anything you typed
Avatar acidAPPLE
11 Aug 2017 02:14
I do not go against this, but, however, have you considered those pit bulls may possibly be abused/abandoned/wild (Stray, or feral, more like)? I don't know, I haven't done much research, but based off videos that I have watched alone, alot of pit bulls have been mistreated and ran away or taken to the pound if not killed. That's another thing. Some pit bulls are picked up stray or feral, and become made pets. Then they get mistreated again because that person did not take the time and patience to train/retrain that pit bull. Most pit bulls really can be nice, but their owners are just lazier. A sweet German shephard could rip off someone's arm without hesitation, if not trained, and if also neglected. It just feels like a logical statement, that pit bulls are neglected more, because, well, you know, they can be sweet, adorable and loving creatures. But they could also be a snarling, rabid-seeming beast. And who's fault is that? Of course, the owner. I mean no aggression and/or competition stating this, just simply showing what I think, You know? Kind of a...Debate kinda thing.
Avatar LaZerWoLF
08 Aug 2017 22:42
Contrary to popular belief, it's not the breed's fault. It's disgraceful humans.
Avatar Rlad116
06 Aug 2017 22:55
Pitbulls are misjudged angels
Avatar Finrod
07 Aug 2017 14:25
In reply to Rlad116
Angel's are misjudged Pitbulls.
Avatar FancyPants
06 Aug 2017 21:45
The nature of a pet depends almost entirely on who's training it and how. Pitbulls have been historically trained as guard dogs or fighting dogs due to their large size, which leads to the myth that they are inherently violent - just like the "locking jaw mechanism", which, despite public opinion, literally doesn't even exist.
Violent owner, violent dog. I've seen dogs from St. Bernards to fucking Chihuahuas snap at me before, the same as a pitbull might. Pitbulls are just more excitable and are easier to 'rile up'.
We own a pitbull as well as a black lab. Miraculously, neither of them are violent, because we raised them both better than that.
Avatar Finrod
06 Aug 2017 00:40
I swear why don't people maybe just pay attention to their, freakingGiantGapingJaws. Also this Is like done to death already. :U
Avatar Thi500
05 Aug 2017 16:23
I'm going to have to disagree with you here. ANY dog can be vicious killers if they're raised that way. You don't take into consideration that 45% were from other dogs.
Avatar TheLegend27
06 Aug 2017 01:02
In reply to Thi500
I have to agree with Thi
Avatar Finrod
06 Aug 2017 00:44
In reply to Thi500
You're a dog.
Avatar OxygenDeficient
05 Aug 2017 23:10
In reply to Thi500
I never said any dog couldn't be killers. I know any dog breeds can be extremely aggressive. Also my main focus was Pittbulls tbh, since there are so many people who just blindly say that "They are just misunderstood" while yea some are, there are plenty of Pitts who infact do attack. I'm not trying to say that "oh Pittbulls are the worst dogs" I'm just trying to make a point. Everyone wants to act like the dogs need to be shown in a better light and not judged as harshly or whatever, when really owners need to realize that yea, there dog is a potentially dangerous animal that can harm them or their kids and shouldn't be left alone unsupervised with them.

Some more quick Anecdotal evidence, not referring Pitts. Once I had a Chihuahua, she was a mean little thing and growled and went after anyone who came to our house who werent us. It was to the point she had to be held so that she didn't try to bite the people. No one really thought to do anything about her though because "oh she's just a small dog she can't hurt anyone" She had snapped at me multiple times and actually bitten me once, continually went after some of my friends and even bit one of them and once we had family over and the dog went after a baby. Still no one wanted to do anything. We couldn't either she was my grandmas dog even though at that point she probably should have had something done considering she was an extremely aggressive little dog. She doesnt live with us now that my grandma moved out, but I am very aware other dog breeds can be vicious.

Also a lot of people like to blame anyone but the dogs for what happens, and sometimes yea it is someone elses fault the dog has attacked because they provoked it. Or the dog is just extremely aggressive. My grandma often blamed my friends for the dog being aggressive towards them claiming they "obviously did something to her" when she had no evidence and it was obvious that no, the Chihuahua was just an aggressive little monster.
Avatar HullBreach
05 Aug 2017 16:13
Have you looked into statistics for pitbull attacks from males both neutered and not neutered? I have not but am curious after reading your anecdotes with both owners preferring to not neuter the dogs.
Avatar Rlad116
05 Aug 2017 19:27
In reply to HullBreach
He does have a point, although research for this may be a pain in the booty
Avatar Luisjo96
05 Aug 2017 15:55
Oh lawl, this blog would trigger so much people if this place was a bit more alivee, i never really liked that kind of dog for pretty much the points ya made, i'm more of a Huskie, shibe and golden retriever guy even though lately i just prefer cats so freaking much but well, each to their own xD
Avatar Finrod
06 Aug 2017 00:40
In reply to Luisjo96
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