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Nature Themed Poems [New]
Avatar By Gemini Guardian
Posted 10 Aug 2017 00:21
Bumped 27 Sep 2017 04:27
Category: Poetry

Stars at night
Are so nice
like little lights
they shine so bright.


The moon is round
plain and grey
it spins around
night and day.


The sky is vast
with many colors
I've seen it's past
will I see its future?


Water flows
and water falls
it rests and shows
your reflection.


Fire, fire burning
never, never stopping
crackle, crackle, crackle
until its all in ashes.


Floating down
gently, swiftly
the death of me
means cold is near.


goes the rain
goes the thunder
goes the lightning.


Petals shine
in the light
so silky and dainty
their whole life.

Opinions please. c:
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Avatar oswaldo123
27 Sep 2017 04:28
Nice bump
Avatar Gemini Guardian
27 Sep 2017 04:37
In reply to oswaldo123
Thanksssss x]
Avatar TheLegend27
13 Aug 2017 00:14
Needs more memes
Avatar Gemini Guardian
13 Aug 2017 00:27
In reply to TheLegend27
Nope. xD
Avatar FiNrOd
11 Aug 2017 13:56
Why no ten?
Avatar Gemini Guardian
11 Aug 2017 18:14
In reply to FiNrOd
I dunno, maybe someday .o.
Avatar oswaldo123
11 Aug 2017 03:10
I love star gazing :3
Avatar Gemini Guardian
11 Aug 2017 03:58
In reply to oswaldo123
Same c:
Avatar Rlad116
10 Aug 2017 19:12
Seven is depressing wow, are you okay
Avatar Gemini Guardian
11 Aug 2017 01:37
In reply to Rlad116
lol I'm fine :p
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