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Walk across the fields of forgotten...
Avatar By maxleen12
Posted 10 Aug 2017 08:07
Category: Miscellaneous
Seems like all the people that are still on here are talking about the days we used to have. I'm not going to be original. Because those were the best days.

I found DsiPaint a little over 7 years ago and fell in love. I made friends I was very close too, people I considered brothers and sisters. We blew up chat-rooms, RP'd crazy stories, had petty drama, and flooded the new games as they came. We stood up for each other, were there for each other, stayed up late at night just talking and enjoying the time we had together.. But as years went by and one by one the friends we now called family stopped coming.

Stopped replying.

Swept away by what we all hated most, reality. And we continued on with out lives. Maybe not to cry all the time. Maybe with new friends to be there for us and comfort us. But all the while too preoccupied to visit this little site, that united us all by one small device we all started out with..

Including me.

And as a small conversation reminded me of the site that had once not only been such a large part of my life, but WAS my life, I looked back to it. Finding myself craving it, too see it again, knowing that the friends I once had there, would almost all, undoubtedly, have been swept away by the strong currants of life and responsibility. With no way of ever seeing them again or contacting them. Finding the list of friends I had posted on my own profile and searching nearly all of them up just to see who was still hanging on. Even to find that many names had been deleted. For whatever reason. Like walking through a field of ghosts.

People from the past that no longer exist.
And it hurts.
I miss you guys and I always will.

This is not a part of my life I will ever truly forget. I will regret not spending every fleeting second on this dying site until it became a desert as it is now. And although I can not promise more frequent visits, because I am still swimming in this whirlpool of stress and life that an older me as been forced to try and tame. I promise I will never delete this account, and let it stay up for as long as this bittersweet site will allow me. And hopefully, whenever I do come back, there will be something small, a comment, or a message, to greet me.

To the friends I love and miss...

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Avatar GEMini GUARDian
13 Aug 2017 00:31
This describes my feelings perfectly for another community I grew up in.
Sadly that one was deleted.
Avatar maxleen12
13 Aug 2017 23:00
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
Yeah I've had it happen to me a lot. What was your community called?
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
14 Aug 2017 01:13
In reply to maxleen12
Fortress Friends. It was a sort of mmo sandbox game. :u
Avatar maxleen12
08 Mar 2018 05:24
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
I feel for you. Sorry you had to watch it pass.
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
09 Mar 2018 00:57
In reply to maxleen12
It was quite a popular place, why it was deleted is beyond me..
Avatar Crude Gestures
12 Aug 2017 16:14
This is really good. Although I wasn't here on this site until December 2016, way after everything died, me having used things like this at that age really relates. It sucks growing up, and having to leave things behind. Noone tells us it's going to end one day, so we don't think about it. The overall meaning and truth to this is overwhelming. Good job dude.
Avatar maxleen12
12 Aug 2017 19:20
In reply to Crude Gestures
Thank you. And yes when things end it's sudden and hits fast. I hate how unexpected it always is. It's comforting to know that there are people who still join so many years after the site changed so much though. Knowing you joined so close to 2017 is actually very lifting so thanks!
Avatar oswaldo123
11 Aug 2017 11:36
Also, You should submit this to be featured :u
Avatar maxleen12
12 Aug 2017 01:33
In reply to oswaldo123
Haha you think so? ^_^ Maybe I will. I don't see why I shouldn't..
Avatar Rlad116
11 Aug 2017 17:29
In reply to oswaldo123
Ja ja ja ja
Avatar oswaldo123
10 Aug 2017 18:27
I miss the old days as well :-:
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