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A story
Avatar By AssassinKitten
Posted 28 Aug 2017 19:03
Category: Short Story
This was a thing I had to write for English. It was only supposed to be 5 paragraphs but hahaha I made it longer. its also not finished and I don't feel like finishing it. But merry christ anyways.
Roan quietly walked through the empty and eerie streets of the deserted city. She moved cautiously and listened intently to her surroundings as she passed boarded up shops and buildings. Hoping not to run into any other looters or survivors in the city as she made her way through the desolate streets. Roan paused suddenly, hearing the sounds of footsteps coming towards her from a nearby alley. She narrowed her eyes in an attempt to see into the darkness of the alley, when that didn’t work she quickly glanced around her surroundings for anything suitable as a weapon. Settling on a large board sticking out of a pile of rubble, Roan yanked it out and held it up preparing to strike at whoever or whatever was coming up the alley.
Finally the person or creature coming up the alley emerged from the shadows. It was just some looter or survivor, She had long messy brown hair and dark clothing on. She probably hadn’t been outside in quite awhile, her skin was very pale. The person paused seeing Roan standing in front of them. Roan took this moment to whack the girl upside the head with the board with as much force as she could muster. Which was quite a lot, Roan doesn’t mess around when comes to hitting people. The girl screamed and fell backwards clutching her head from the hit. “What the heck!” She yelled glaring up at Roan from the ground.
Roan snickered somewhat and looked down at her “Sorry ‘bout that, but hey I guess this just shows my reflexes are as good as ever.” The girl continued to glare at Roan from the ground. “What? I guess you haven’t been out here much huh.” Roan muttered before offering a hand to the girl on the ground. “What do you mean?” the girl asked suspiciously as she got up ignoring Roan holding her hand out. “Oh you know, looters, murderers, probably some cannibals, mutant creatures. That sort of thing.” Roan shrugged. “I’m Roan by the way.” The girl stared at her “So you hit me over the head with a board, then straight facedly tell me something that partially sounds true but is probably not, and then just calmly tell me your name like I want to keep speaking to you?” The girl spat. “Yup pretty much.” Roan shrugged again “But hey thats fine by me. I don’t really feel like hanging around much longer anyways. I just figured, well hey I just beat some chick over the head with a board maybe I shouldn’t continue to be a terrible person to them.”
The girl continued to glare “Okay. Well, fine I guess I’ll give you my name since you told me yours. My name’s Cat. But that’s all I’m telling you.” She replied angrily. “Nice to meet you then. Okay well since you don’t feel like talking and you’re still pretty triggered that I hit you with a board I’ll just go. Have fun probably don’t die.” Roan said in disinterest as she began to walk away from Cat. Cat just stared after her with a questioning look on her face. Roan continued to move quietly through the city, for awhile she didn’t run into anyone else or anything else. Until she almost walked straight into somebody. They both stopped walking before they ran into eachother.
Roan glared “Oh great. It’s you.” She grumbled in annoyance. The other person was, well not really a person. Maybe a humanoid cat perhaps, he had rusty red fur with grey marking and a black mane going down his back. He also wore a white and red mask. He was carrying a jar with something in it, Roan couldn’t really tell what it was and she didn’t care. “Oh! Hi Roan.” The other replied cheerily, obviously he didn’t realize Roan didn’t particularly like him or maybe he just didn’t care. Sighing Roan rolled her eyes “So what are you doing Damien?” She asked out of boredom.”A whole bunch of nothing I guess. I’ve just been wandering. I found a bag of chips though!” He said wagging his tail much like a dog would. “Oh thats… nice I guess. Have you found anything more interesting than a stupid bag of chips?” Roan decided to ask, Damien had a tendency to find weird things or places maybe it wouldn’t be so bad having run into him. “Um, not really. Unless you consider an old amusement pa-” The cat person began before Roan cut him off. “Yes. Yes, yes. I do. Where is it?” She asked excitedly. “Okay. It’s this way.” Damien said motioning for Roan to follow him, and she did.
They walked for probably a little over half an hour through the city without stopping. They passed abandoned lots, boarded up buildings, destroyed buildings, overturned cars and other vehicles. Finally they reached their destination. The amusement park had clearly been abandoned much longer than the city had, the rides were decaying, the props and decorations were decayed or destroyed. It looked like a scene out of a horror movie. Roan was ecstatic about it. “I wonder how long it’s been abandoned? I wonder if anyone died there. Oh that’d be cool I wouldn’t mind finding a murderer.” She babbled on excitedly to herself. Damien glanced over at her “Yea um, you’re not going to like try to murder me here or something are you? I wouldn’t put it past you.” He asked the shorter woman. “Pfft I may be a demon and like seeing death and murder and all that junk, but I wouldn’t waste time attempting to murder you. That’d be a waste.” Roan replied. “Thanks? I guess.” Damien said looking confused.
“Come on lets just go look around. I want to find something cool.” Roan said bouncing from hoof to hoof. She took off towards the entrance to the park before Damien even had a chance to reply leaving him to just quickly follow behind the short Goat Demon. Roan hopped over a small turnstile at the entrance, they apparently didn’t put much work in keeping people out of decaying amusement park ruins as that was the only thing keeping anyone out. She didn’t even look back to see if Damien was with her she just took off again to look around.
“How did I not find this sooner? Or at all. That’s actually kind of weird.” She commented to herself as she wandered through the twisting paths. Eventually Damien caught back up to her as she was wandering.”Hey again. So how long did you know this was here? I’m actually kind of suspicious I didn’t find it sooner than you did.” Roan asked Damien as they walked together. “I just found it today. I didn’t know about it either. I don’t see how it’s weird though.” He replied. “Seriously? Dude I’ve looked around like everywhere for something cool. I probably would have come across this once.” Roan answered.
Pausing suddenly Roan stared at one of the buildings nearby, she narrowed her eyes and leaned closer to the window. “There’s lights on in there.” She whispered still staring through the window. “What? No way you’re trying to trick me. The whole city is out of power unless you have a generator.” Damien answered “And why are you whispering? If anything maybe they just have a generator.” He added. Roan turned her head to look at him “Mhm, yes. Someone has a generator and has hidden out in an amusement park. They’ll totally be fine and dandy with a demon and a Furry spying on them. Or possibly finding any supplies they have hidden.” Roan hissed back at him. They both backed away from the buildings window.
“So what are we going to do? Leave?” Damien asked when they were a good ways away from the building. Roan looked at him “What? No we aren’t leaving. I still want to look around.” She answered in annoyance. “But whoevers there will probably try to fight us. What if there are more of them than there are us?” Damien asked nervously. “So?” Roan replied beginning to walk away “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” She added. Damien grumbled and followed after her.
They continued to wander through the amusement park.
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Avatar TheLegend27
10 Sep 2017 23:13
Avatar oswaldo123
29 Aug 2017 05:33
Read while half asleep DDDDDDDD
Avatar Thi500
29 Aug 2017 02:09
Follow me, set me free, trust me and we will escape from the city
Avatar Rlad116
29 Aug 2017 02:08
I'm too lazy to read it
Avatar AssassinKitten
29 Aug 2017 05:30
In reply to Rlad116
Woq r00d I took two whole days on this terrible thing.

I'm kidding don't read it its bad. :U
Avatar FiNrOd
28 Aug 2017 22:14
Ayy a blog by kitty, with good grammar.
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
29 Aug 2017 17:32
In reply to FiNrOd
My feelings exactly :u
Avatar AssassinKitten
28 Aug 2017 22:18
In reply to FiNrOd
excuse u
Avatar FiNrOd
28 Aug 2017 22:32
In reply to AssassinKitten
Avatar AssassinKitten
28 Aug 2017 22:33
In reply to FiNrOd
Avatar Luisjo96
28 Aug 2017 20:46
I like dis.
Avatar AssassinKitten
28 Aug 2017 21:35
In reply to Luisjo96
Avatar TheLegend27
10 Sep 2017 23:11
In reply to AssassinKitten
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