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Avatar By Star Shadow
Posted 13 Sep 2017 00:35
Bumped 24 Dec 2017 03:16
Category: Poetry
I see the blogs are dying again (just like Luis in TF2). So I guess it's time I crack open the big cold one and that big cold one is a rap battle between me and Luis. Unfortunately, the Luis in this reality sucks at rapping (among other things ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) so I've time leaped into several alternate realities to find a version of Luis with a rap skill equivalent to mine and challenged him to a rap battle in that alternate reality. Then, I went back to this reality. Anyway, here it is...


Angela vs. Luis!


Oh look. It's my boy Luis.
Better known as Mr. Useless.
You brag a lot about CS: Go
But in reallity, you're a no-show.
Seriously, mate. Can you not get a headshot?
You really can't hit crap without aimbot.
Even at point blank, you still miss.
In TF2, you couldn't throw a jar of piss.
This is how bad you are.
I'm surprised you made this far.
But enough with the games.
I'm gonna roast you in a word of flames.

Uh, what the hell? Mate, please.
Stop lying and tell a truth at least.
The truth is I could beat you.
You know this is true.
You don't wanna rematch me in Pokemon
because you know you'll be well-done.
That was weak of you to fight me as a noob.
That Dragonite of yours was an inside job.
If you really have the skills,
fight me with a team of Cyndaquils.

Can you even counter my stalls?
They last longer than Trump's walls.
Didn't you say you couldn't find a counter?
All you're gonna get is an ass pounder.
By the way,
you're making every guy here turn gay.
I'm surprised you like being called a trap.
I guess you like getting your booty slapped.
Buenos dias, Mandy.
I've won this battle already.

Bloody hell.
I think you've lost some brain cells.
You haven't won anything yet.
You're the dumbest person I've ever met.
And no, I will never wear that dress.
I'm not some damsel in distress.
I'm a Venezuelan MLG.
Elite noscoping skills is all you will see.
And Angela. What are you tryin' to hide?
Why you hidin' your face like some idiotic Spy?
Is it because you're really ugly?
Why don't you show me your face, ya dummy?

I'm not gonna show my face to a Venezuelan crossdresser.
Who knows? Maybe you're just a perverted oppressor.
How do I know you're not Maduro himself?
If you are, get away from me, you Socialist Elf.
Maybe if weren't so busy ruining your country,
your rhymes wouldn't be so crummy.
You have this oil and you don't know how to get rich?
No wonder you still haven't got a Nintendo Switch.

You went too far, fam.
That's what I would say if I gave a damn.
You think I'm that mariposo?
Qué vergonzoso.
Voy a acabar esto contigo.
Ya no somos amigos.
En realidad, fui una espia.
De verdad, eres una molestia.
Pero no voy a rendir.
Challenge me to a battle and let's end it here.

Who won? Who's next?!


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Avatar Pal1dinRPG
04 Feb 2018 08:30
finrod how dare you!
Avatar banjo2
24 Dec 2017 05:34
rad bump. THI VS LUIS PLS
Avatar Smellington
17 Sep 2017 06:44
Avatar Luisjo96
20 Sep 2017 00:35
In reply to Smellington
Avatar FiNrOd
14 Sep 2017 21:07
Angela the type of nibba, to beat you with her secondary skill tree.
Avatar Pal1dinRPG
04 Feb 2018 08:30
In reply to FiNrOd
How dare you
Avatar FiNrOd
02 Jul 2018 00:53
In reply to Pal1dinRPG
Avatar banjo2
02 Jul 2018 00:59
In reply to FiNrOd
I don't think he likes the N word
Avatar Monstercat
14 Sep 2017 10:33
Avatar Tomthesk8r
14 Sep 2017 01:37
You won

Me next
against Gemini
Avatar TheLegend27
13 Sep 2017 23:37
Luis won
Avatar Thi500
13 Sep 2017 20:47
Angela won.

Me next.

I wanna rap against Waldo.
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
24 Dec 2017 14:43
In reply to Thi500
Yes, do Thi vs Waldo.
Avatar oswaldo123
24 Dec 2017 19:07
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
Wot? :O
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
24 Dec 2017 20:47
In reply to oswaldo123
Ye boiiii xP
Avatar oswaldo123
24 Dec 2017 20:54
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
Well I prefer poetry over this :u
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
24 Dec 2017 22:08
In reply to oswaldo123
Epic poetic battles of small traffic websites?
Avatar oswaldo123
24 Dec 2017 22:11
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
Avatar FiNrOd
14 Sep 2017 21:06
In reply to Thi500
Avatar RyuHoshi781
13 Sep 2017 20:02
Avatar Anarchy
13 Sep 2017 19:17
I breathed in and retracted stage 3 cancer.
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
13 Sep 2017 16:13
When's the tiebreaker event happening?
Avatar Luisjo96
13 Sep 2017 14:30
Oh jesus christ, why must you make me laugh like this, it's mean xD
Very meannnnnnnn
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