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RiiConnect24: The WiiConnect24 replacement service
Avatar By banjo2
Posted 29 Sep 2017 20:19
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Hey! Did you hear? RiiConnect24 is out! What is RiiConnect24? Well, it's a replacement service for WiiConnect24! This is not to be confused with Wiimmfi, which is a replacement service for Nintendo WFC and allows you to play games like Mario Kart Wii online. RiiConnect24 allows you to use these functions without having to use some special homebrew app every time you want to use it. It currently supports the following channels/sources:

- Wii e-mail (this includes sending e-mails to e-mail accounts like gmail.com)
- News Channel
- Forecast Channel
- Animal Crossing City Folk/Let's Go to the City [H]DLC (although not much has been released yet)
- Working announcements (they send these out every once in a while just to keep you updated on stuff™)
- Wii Speak Channel messages (only if you have a Wii Speak unit)

Everything else not mentioned here is either not going to be a part of RiiConnect24 or isn't yet. Please note that RiiConnect24 does NOT have any plans for a "freeShop" kind of Wii Shop Channel for copyright reasons. Here's some of the cool things you can do with RiiConnect24 right now:

- Send your friends pictures, miis, recordings(If you have a Wii Speak unit), or text messages
- Send your friends invites to become a friend on games like Mario Kart Wii! No need to add each other's FC!
- Read the news on the News Channel
- See the forecast for just about anywhere in the world in the Forecast channel!
- Send fun challenges to your friends to beat you in games like Mario Kart Wii!
- More coming soon!

There's also plans for stuff that wasn't on WiiConnect24 originally, so stay tuned!
And yes, you can see that blue glow from your disc drive again!
All you need is a Wii with an internet connection and an SD card! you can go to http://wii.guide for help with installation! If you want to know more, go to http://rc24.xyz or http://riiconnect24.net . Please note that these sites are not "DSi friendly". Part 2 of this blog is here: RiiConnect24: Part 2
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Avatar HullBreach
07 Oct 2017 03:35
Do you know if 3rd party titles for the Wii still connect to the Internet? I haven’t tried but am curious to know the ultimate path the Wii U will eventually take.
Avatar jsa005
09 Oct 2017 22:11
In reply to HullBreach
I'm a little late here but Just Dance 2017 was released on Wii with online - still works now
Avatar banjo2
07 Oct 2017 16:10
In reply to HullBreach
If by "3rd party titles" you mean games meant to use Nintendo WFC but not by Nintendo, then it depends. Most games you have are probably supported by Wiimmfi, but you'll just have to check the list of supported games at http://wiimmfi.de . If by "connect to the Internet" you meant get info *not* from Nintendo WFC or WiiConnect24, then I don't know about that.

btw hi HB haha
Avatar HullBreach
10 Oct 2017 22:31
In reply to banjo2
Thanks for the info! I’m curious because SDK Paint and SDK Spriter both support online for the Wii U to connect to this server and community. I made a recent Miiverse post to let everyone with those apps know that they will still be able to export art after Miiverse ends. Software doesn’t directly reach out from Nintendo consoles to the Internet, since your NNID needs to verify first (because of parental controls, blacklists, etc.). As long as they keep the infrastructure active for NNIDs on the Wii U, then this will be available. It’s nice to know that support is still available another generation back (pre-Nintendo Network), since that could mean that the Wii U will be available for NNID a little longer. Since the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch also use NNIDs, they may not retire the Wii U access any time soon.
Avatar banjo2
29 Sep 2017 20:33
Sorry about the cut-off, but apparently there's a maximum for the blog! Go read the second post after this.
Avatar banjo2
29 Sep 2017 20:46
In reply to banjo2
Part 2 is now up! Go read it!
Avatar Luisjo96
29 Sep 2017 20:37
In reply to banjo2
Where were you typing from?
Or was it just a copy paste?
There isn't really a max for blogs here, pretty sure you can make them as long as you want, or at least that's what I know.
Try it again from another device (Making it a single blog)
And I might consider featuring your self promotion xD
Avatar FiNrOd
02 Oct 2017 15:23
In reply to Luisjo96
The solution is to switch to 3DSPaint
Avatar banjo2
04 Oct 2017 02:26
In reply to FiNrOd
I don't have a 3DS.
Avatar Luisjo96
02 Oct 2017 17:36
In reply to FiNrOd
The solution it's to not also use a dsi.
Avatar banjo2
02 Oct 2017 21:38
In reply to Luisjo96
Doesn't that defeat the purpose (except in this case) tho?
Avatar banjo2
29 Sep 2017 20:38
In reply to Luisjo96
I am actually typing from DSi, haha. It wouldn't let me go any farther then what I did.
Avatar Luisjo96
29 Sep 2017 21:36
In reply to banjo2
There's your problem then :n
Avatar Rlad116
30 Sep 2017 00:07
In reply to Luisjo96
dsi has a text limit
Avatar Luisjo96
30 Sep 2017 01:03
In reply to Rlad116
That's why I said there's the problem, u skrob.
Avatar Rlad116
30 Sep 2017 01:23
In reply to Luisjo96
you weren't specific enough and I doubt he would've understood
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