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Kitty Tells the story of the first time she tried taking commissions


Avatar Finrod
27 Oct 2017 03:02
Tfw you don’t even need to read this, because kitty wrote a collage portfolio in the chat “back in like April”
Avatar OxygenDeficient
27 Oct 2017 04:16
In reply to Finrod
Oh yea I did didn't I. Oh well, I wrote it again.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
23 Oct 2017 02:12
Ya know, you should upload the drawing to paint so we people can see it
Avatar oswaldo123
26 Oct 2017 05:48
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Thats a nice idea
Avatar oswaldo123
23 Oct 2017 01:57
Kitten's blogs are neato
Avatar Gemini Guardian
23 Oct 2017 02:11
In reply to oswaldo123
Avatar Luisjo96
22 Oct 2017 22:10
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