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Kitty Tells the story of the first time she tried taking commissions
Avatar By AssassinKitten
Posted 22 Oct 2017 21:40
Category: Miscellaneous
Once upon a time kitty tried taking commissions, she only got two and they never went anywhere so then for a few months she stopped taking them.

But the very first commission I got was just, mm gr8 superb. So back in like, I don't know when I think sometime before April? I had set up some basic commission info on Furry Amino because I wanted the monies man. So I wrote up some prices and thaaat, was about it. I was new to taking commissions so I didn't have any set rules or like, a TOS or anything because I was a smart 15 yearold.

Anyways I get all that set up and I get a message from someone asking about commissioning me. So I'm talking to them and ask what they wanted, since I offered Headshots, Halfbodies and Fullbodies. It took a couple days just to get them to finally decide, not because either of us were being unclear, just because they apparently didn't know how to click links. I had my commission info linked like two times, one in the public chat info and and one link in the chat messages when they asked what I offer. I eventually had to rewrite it all out for them. They finally tell me they want a $5 headshot.

Thats foine, that's gr8, that's where I should have realized I was probably dealing with a little kid. Anyways I inform them that they could send the $5 to my paypal either upfront before I start or after I finish the sketch and send it to them, incase they think I'm a dirty scammer. They tell me they don't have the money yet because it's on their circle pay but they'll pay me when the sketch is finished.

I tell them it's fine, even though looking back I should have just been like "nahh boi, your a small child and from what I can see circle pay is terrible". But I was dumb and I didn't and start working on the sketch. I finish the sketch, obnoxiously watermark it to prevent tracing or reposting and send it to them. I ask them if they're able to pay yet, they say no but they should be soon.

I was like "aight, well I'm gonna finish this anyways because I'm a genius." And I finished their whole commission. I luckily didn't send it because I wasn't a complete dunce. I told the kid it was finished and I'd send them the picture once they actually pay me. They say okay.

I wait awhile. No Payment. I ask them whats going on. Something something their circle pay isn't working but they're going to be getting a paypal card soon and will pay me then. I say ok, and wait a little bit longer.

I still hear nothing back, ask them how getting their paypal card is going, they say they should be getting it in two weeks. At this point I was getting suspicious so I literally set a reminder on my phone for two weeks from that day so I remember.

Almost two weeks go by at this point it's April and I haven't heard jack diddly squat, so I send them a pm. I tell them something along the lines of "It's been like 2 months and you haven't paid me. I'm not going to keep waiting much longer. You said you'd get your paypal card in two weeks, It's almost been two weeks. I'll give you until x date after the two weeks is up to have the paypal card and pay me. Once that date has passed and you haven't paid me i guess just forget it."

I never heard anything back. Eventually at one point I go to look at their account and it's just gone. They deleted their whole account. And to this day Kitty never got her $5 for a stupid headshot of a stupid blue dog.

Luckily this time when I started my commissions I made a TOS and I'm gonna blacklist people who do this bs, that one kid is on that list, since recently they remade their account. Haven't messaged them about my payment anytime recently, kinda don't care anymore and I don't expect to get it anyways, so you know. Whatever.
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Avatar FiNrOd
27 Oct 2017 03:02
Tfw you don’t even need to read this, because kitty wrote a collage portfolio in the chat “back in like April”
Avatar AssassinKitten
27 Oct 2017 04:16
In reply to FiNrOd
Oh yea I did didn't I. Oh well, I wrote it again.
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
23 Oct 2017 02:12
Ya know, you should upload the drawing to paint so we people can see it
Avatar oswaldo123
26 Oct 2017 05:48
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
Thats a nice idea
Avatar oswaldo123
23 Oct 2017 01:57
Kitten's blogs are neato
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
23 Oct 2017 02:11
In reply to oswaldo123
Avatar Luisjo96
22 Oct 2017 22:10
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