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Kitty Shares the reasons for her deep hatred of AR
Avatar By AssassinKitten
Posted 24 Oct 2017 02:11
Category: Polemic Rant
Wowie, Kitty’s actually making another rant blog and not like, some other type of blog. It’s going back to normal.

Other than paint being broke 24/57.

Anyways I wish AR would burn in the fiery depths of hell where it belongs.
“What is AR Kitty?”

AR is the biggest crock of Bs I think I’ve ever had to deal with in Skooooool. AR stands for accelerated reader, and it's supposed to encourage children to read by making you set arbitrary point goals from reading books. Most books are given a reading level and then you read them and take a test on them and get points.

But before you can actually start taking tests though you have to take the STAR test. Idfk know what STAR stands for, unless its just in caps to look pretty.

The STAR test is what gives you your reading level for what books you can or can’t read. How it determines that I’ll never know. It gives you 34 questions “at random" and they slowly get harder or easier as you either answer correctly or incorrectly.

Now lemme tell you why thats a load of bull. Everytime I’ve taken this waste of coding they call a test, I get the same questions. I literally breeze through this test and still get the same AR level. I don’t read the questions anymore. I skim the retarded paragraphs and answer and move on. The questions never get “harder or easier" It always starts out with fill in the blanks, then paragraphs you have to read, then more fill in the blanks. Always. Never once has it been different. In all like 10 years I’ve been forced to do this it’s never been different.

Also don’t think getting a high reading level is good either, it’s pretty much the opposite since the majority of AR books are low level and if you get stuck with a 13 reading level you can only read down to a 5th grade reading level. Which, just, the majority of books I find that interest me are either too low of a reading level or just not on there at all. Or are worth jack diddly squat for points. But haha we have to do AR until 11th grade.

I probably wouldn't care as much about AR if we weren’t forced to do it. It’s not an optional thing it’s part of my grade. Like I’m an edgy teen, you really expect me to sit down, and read a filthy book? For shaaaame, for shaaaaame. I can’t even take tests by myself, not only are you blocked from taking them after school hours, you need a monitor password to even do the tests. The only people who know the monitor passwords are the English/language arts teachers.

It’s not even like a small grade either it's worth like 100 points of your grade or something. So if you don’t do it your screwed.

I don’t even see why we still do it. By the time you get to like even just the 5th grade everyone hates it and no one gets why we still do it. I can understand making little little kids do it so they reaaaaad but not highschool students.

AR is just really stupid. I don’t have time to read books and get points. It’s even more annoying when you have people who have really low reading levels so they can set their goal at like 6 points, but other people have to have like over 20 point goals. Like could ye not?

AR should be banned.
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Avatar Yami Bakura
29 Oct 2017 02:39
Goddamn I remember doing AR years ago. How painful.
Avatar FiNrOd
27 Oct 2017 03:05
Ayy lmao I thought you were talking about AR as in attack rating,
Avatar oswaldo123
24 Oct 2017 21:34
Paying attention in class < Reading kitten's new blog
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
26 Oct 2017 03:38
In reply to oswaldo123
smhhhh :v
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
26 Oct 2017 03:38
In reply to oswaldo123
smhhhh :v
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
24 Oct 2017 20:25
Who made AR and why?
Avatar AssassinKitten
24 Oct 2017 20:40
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
Renaissance Learning, Inc. I'm gonna say though that it was actually Satan.
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
25 Oct 2017 02:50
In reply to AssassinKitten
I have never done or even heard of this AP thing, that's tough luck to ya kit.
Avatar AssassinKitten
25 Oct 2017 10:41
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
Give me whatever school you go to thennnn. AR is painnn
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
25 Oct 2017 21:44
In reply to AssassinKitten
I'm homeschooled and I'm my own teacher, so I choose my own things to learnnnnn :n
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