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Gaaaah, my heart
Avatar By foxiana123
Posted 25 Oct 2017 02:22
Category: Miscellaneous
ttgfyjfggtyhgbsfj, ok so...posting cause i know no one will see this...except for pie. now this isnt about romance, more of a vent, gah, my life, my feelings, i think spiraling, my friend cuts and i cried on my ex's shoulder but i doubt he cares just gaaaaaaaaaaaah kill me please,i swear to god if i see another c-...*looks at own wrist* ....oh
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Avatar oswaldo123
01 Nov 2017 14:14
Um, Are you ok there mate? o-0
Avatar foxiana123
03 Nov 2017 18:16
In reply to oswaldo123
Yeah I'm good
Avatar oswaldo123
03 Nov 2017 21:37
In reply to foxiana123
Just making sure
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