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Random Word Story - Part One
Avatar By redflarezZ
Posted 13 Nov 2017 02:10
Category: Short Story
Hola, amigos!

I actually got creative and decided to write something. With the help of Zen.

So basically, I asked her to give me random words so I could write a story. This was pretty fun. I might do a part two, but with me, you never know. I procrastinate too much.

Anyways, the words Zen gave to me will be in bold. Enjoy.


Ugh, my friend is being such an ass. She threw feathers at me and it really hurt. It's because I'm allergic to them.

I looked up at her. "Wow, you look like a furry," I exclaimed.

She glared at me, reached into her fursuit, and pulled out a pencil. I started to panic.

"What's that for? What are you doing?" I questioned her. Slowly, she put the pencil in between her full lips. I observed her, intrigued. It kinda turned me on. My body lit up because I had a computer screen embedded in my stomach.

Then, unexpectedly, my friend slid the pencil down her throat and swallowed it. My jaw unhinged when I saw her do this. What the hell is happening.

I sighed and looked around for my book. I wanted to read so I could get the disturbing image of my friend shoving a pencil down her throat out of my head.

I found my book of memes. Nothing better than cracking open a cold one with the boys. I opened the book up to the "respecting women" section. I noticed something peculiar. There was a very realistic knife on this page. All of the sudden, the sharp knife came to life and stabbed me. Oddly, it wasn't painful at all.

I turned toward my friend and gestured towards the knife deep in my arm. I hoped it scared her.

She glanced up and gasped. "Are you okay, girl?" she asked, hysteria rising in her voice.

I laughed a loud, ugly laugh. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"Oh. Okay," my friend said, looking down at her phone.

I yanked the knife out of my arm and put it on my dresser. Then, I looked in the mirror and observed my body. My bobs were gone. Again.

I screeched down the hallway, "WHO TOOK MY BOBS?"

My friend started to laugh. I whipped my head around and glared at her. She had a bigger chest than usual. I could see it through her fursuit.

"Show bob pls!" she sneered.

I rolled my eyes. I would have to get them back later. My friend walked up to me. Her hand was a middle finger emoji.

I shot her another look. "What are you, the emoji movie but with furries?"

She looked up at me. "That's an amazing idea."

I sighed, "No, it's not. Forget I said that."

All of the sudden, my friend started tapping my computer screen. It felt strange as her nails poked me.

"What are you doing?" I asked her with an edge to my voice.

She stood there, tapping away. She was probably playing Minecraft. I scoffed. How edgy. Furry, Emo, Obsessed with Minecraft... oh my. I hate having her Minecraft worlds saved into me. It takes up so much storage. She would kill me if I deleted it, though.

"Your mum," she muttered. Her fingers felt so small and stubby against my screen.

"Shut up, you edgelord," I teased her.

She giggled softly, did a series of taps, and shut my screen off. She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her bed. She looked deeply into my eyes. I got lost in the feel of her hand enveloped in mine and the strangely beautiful purple abyss of her eyes. This feeling was... different. But it felt good. She leaned in, as did I. Our lips were inches apart. Her soft, velvet lips brushed against mine.

There was a loud screeching noise. We jumped apart, and our heads whipped towards the window.

It was, unmistakably, Jake Paul.

"It's every day, bro," he said, with his signature creepy blogger smile.

My friend and I exchanged glances and scream.


Stay tuned for part two! c:<
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Avatar AcidApple
11 Dec 2017 00:43
I'm crying wth
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
26 Apr 2018 20:13
In reply to AcidApple
With fear or with laughter?
Avatar oswaldo123
24 Nov 2017 19:03
Needs part 2 :u
Avatar redflarezZ
03 Dec 2017 17:56
In reply to oswaldo123
i will uhhh soon
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
14 Nov 2017 01:34
HeLp mE.
Avatar FiNrOd
13 Nov 2017 16:00
Avatar redflarezZ
13 Nov 2017 16:18
In reply to FiNrOd
Avatar FiNrOd
13 Nov 2017 14:32
2 seconds in, already bending reality.
Avatar AssassinKitten
13 Nov 2017 12:37
What drugs did you take to write this.

What Did I just read. I am scarred.
Avatar redflarezZ
13 Nov 2017 15:08
In reply to AssassinKitten
i honestly don't know hng
Avatar RyuHoshi781
13 Nov 2017 02:43
Avatar Thi500
13 Nov 2017 02:31
what the fuck did i just read?
Avatar oswaldo123
13 Nov 2017 02:19
I like this :p
Avatar redflarezZ
13 Nov 2017 02:20
In reply to oswaldo123
Avatar oswaldo123
13 Nov 2017 02:23
In reply to redflarezZ
This reply was close to something mimi would say
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