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New Moon: Chapter 6
Avatar By acidAPPLE
Posted 01 Dec 2017 02:23
Category: Short Story
'Will I wake up?' He thought as he frantically explored the blurry area. 'I have to.'
"Ebony." He heard a voice. It was barely audible. "Ebony." He searched more frantically. "Ebony."
He let out a growl of frustration. Suddenly he saw a flash of white, and his vision started clearing.
"Ebony." He felt himself getting lifted, though there was nothing in sight except a fuzzy white shape. "Ebony."

I woke up.

I looked towards the sky, slowly.
Walls loomed over beside me.
I blinked, ever so slowly.
I rolled over, pain searing in my side.
The same side that felt on fire in my dreams.
I let out a wary howl.
My fur was clotted together.
Thick, scarlet liquid trickled from a nearby stone.
I let out several gasps of pain as I imagined blood seeping out until there was no more.
What would happen then?

Soon after, night fell.
I heard a distant howling of a hunting pack.
It wasn't my pack's song.
Though it wasn't close at all, I still struggled to get up.
I had to have been invading territory if I heard any other song than my pack's.

Hearing quiet footsteps, I pricked my ears.
It was a frantic, wary style of footsteps.
I licked my lips as I imagined at least one mouse hidden somewhere in the dark.
Then, I realized that if any mouse would have excused the scent of wolf, then it must have been used to it.

Glancing around, I sniffed the air. To my dismay, I smelled stale wolf scent over mine.
I backed up against the earthy walls, flinching at the searing pain in my side.

The scent was fresh enough to let me know that at least one wolf had been here for countless moons, and had left somewhere between sunrise and sunhigh.
Which meant some wolf would be here soon.

I let out deep breaths, hoping I could find shelter soon.
Just at the thought hit, I spotted a pile of stones loosely together.
I limped over to it, and lay down beside it.

"Things are different now, Zephyr."
"Oh, no...What can we do for Fateful?"
"I am sorry."
"What about?"
"You know very well."
"Of course I do, Zephyr."
"Why do you still call me that?"
"It's your name, isn't it?"
"We can discuss this later."

I woke up.

Glancing around, something seemed different.
I sniffed at my side. It still hurt, but it had eased to a dull throbbing.

Suddenly, I realized something.
Looking up, in the moonlight, were several pairs of curious, but outraged eyes.
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Avatar FiNrOd
01 Dec 2017 14:33
MyImmortal flashbacks from the name “ebony”
Avatar acidAPPLE
02 Dec 2017 00:09
In reply to FiNrOd
Really now
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