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This community, and what it meant to me.
Avatar By DarkShard
Posted 04 Dec 2017 03:04
Category: This Community
I turned 18 years old last month. I know, I know. The big One-Eight. Being face with a lot of life decisions and trying to get everything in order to secure a good future for myself.
All of this has led to me becoming extremely nostalgic. For my 18th birthday I wanted one thing, a flash cart to play all the DS games I have lost over the years. (If you don’t know what a flash cart is, or what it does, look it up on your own time.)
Suddenly, I was re-introduced to all of the games of my childhood: Phantom Hourglass, Drawn to Life (Amazing game btw. If you can pick up both games I highly recommend you do so.), New Super Mario Bros., and a plethora of other games I loved.
It’s strange for me to think of all of these things as childhood, because I just became a legal adult. But then I take a look back at how long it’s been since I used my DSi, and then I realize it’s been 5 years since I actively used it.
Anyway, that’s not the main reason I have for making this post. After using my DSi, I remembered the late nights I spent with this community, and it became clear to me how much of a big influence it had on my life.

What did I do for those 5 years I wasn’t around, you may ask? I was sucked into the wonderful world of ~ PC Gaming ~.
How? Well. It was all because of a small game. You may have heard of it. It was a little indie startup called Minecraft. How did I find out about Minecraft? Well I found out about it youtube in 2011. But what made me go out on download the game? This community. I thought the game was the stupidest looking thing ever. But, after reading he dozens of threads on this website about all the cool things you could do, I finally decided to download it and give it a try.
This community was the gateway for some of the most fun experiences I ever had in my life.
It led to me building my own PC, making my own website for the group of people I play games with online regularly, and to using this username I created for this account for all of these years.
I have other things to be thankful for from this community, and I’m so happy to see it’s at least still here. Things that I won’t mention because this has already been much longer than I’ve wanted it to be.

But I have one last thing to say. And it’s that I want to personally thank Hullbreach for the time and dedication he has put towards this community. With what you’ve done, I’d be a very different person. I wouldn’t have met the friends I have online to this day. You were a wonderful community leader. I wish you all the success in the world, because the platform you created has led me to a place in my life were I’m happy.

TL; DR: This community affected my life in a big way. Though I didn’t list them all in this post, I’m extremely thankful for everything it means to me.
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Avatar kodaB3
06 Dec 2017 15:18
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
04 Dec 2017 03:29
I'm thankful for this community too.

Also, beautiful blog. c:
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