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Sight of Day copy chap 1
Avatar By kodaB3
Posted 06 Dec 2017 15:21
Category: Short Story
"You should show some respect for what other people see and feel, even though it be the exact opposite of what you see and feel."
LUIGI PIRANDELLO, It Is So! (If You Think So)

It felt like needles.
The sharp pain piercing into your eyes.
No matter how you scratched at them,
Your nails digging into your skull,
You couldn't stop the agonizing sting from choking you down.
Falling to your knees in a crippled ball, You feel as vulnerable as ever.

Light footsteps.
Those of a child,
Skipping away from your limp body as if she didn't recognize your suffering.
Or as if she was the one afflicting your pain.
You lay there for hours on hours.
Eventually the pain would stop,
Your vision would return,
But only before you black out a second later.

When you wake, not knowing where you are, or how long you stayed there,
You are dizzy and disoriented,
The world like static in the distance,
Sounds are like a violent ringing in your ear.
You open your eyes, realizing that they have been open,
Yet you see nothing.
In horror, realization floods over you.
You are blind.
You are a victim.
You are not the first.
And you are certainly not the last.

I hum to one of the only songs I know. Banging my head on the walls, kicking my own shins, biting my already bleeding lip. I waits for the moment I dreams of, my Prince Charming coming on a golden stallion, sweeping me off my feet, carrying me away from this hell.
The latch on the door opens, and a hand quickly throws in a suit. With orders to put it on, I reluctantly cover my skin with the rough, uncomfortable fabric. It's a requirement, for the safety of those who might be foolish enough to touch me. You can never be too careful.
The suit barely fit, I was swimming in it, I have been for the past years that I've worn it. I am almost eight now, and I was developing a conscience. Opinions on others, on myself. They thought I would become sane, but I only became more of a threat. They thought I was mad. They were afraid of me, the people guarding my door. But the scientists thought I was a miracle. A miracle that would not be contained in a dark cell for much longer.


          I often hear their voices outside of the annoyingly small cell I am always locked in, things I shouldn't be able to hear but they don't know any better.  Studying me since I was born, they should know what I am capable of. After all, they made me.  But even I don't know my limits, if there were any. 
          "Oh hello sir! I'm so glad to be here! I want to thank you for letting me share my story" I fantasize about the life I would have after I break out, IF I break out.
          "Ah yes, my life was terrible, I often spent my time dreaming of this moment! I am just glad I got out of that hell hole! But they did raise me to be a fighter. I learned to read and write as a young child, as well as the other basic subjects, but nothing very complex.  Not anything near as complex as how I got here in the first place. My mother was a ****, and that covers most of it. No respect for human life whatsoever, to the extent that she gave her own growing baby away before it was even born. Her fellow scientists injected her with God knows what and when I was born she got up and left, her job was done, and my life was ruined.
But enough about my past, you want to know my present, so here it is folks!"  I imagine the curtain dropping around me, the whole world going pitch black as my life is written out before my eyes.

-this is my own story, titled copy because i wrote it a while ago on a different app/social media website, peace ✌🏼
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Avatar TheLegend27
18 Dec 2017 21:42
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