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That One Guy
Avatar By Gemini Guardian
Posted 07 Dec 2017 04:26
Category: Poetry

I dunno,
he's just so cool.
Makes me laugh,
when I'm blue.

He's just so unique,
in his own way,
it's just so cute.
Nah, it's actually hot.

I sometimes wonder why he chose me..
Am I that impressive?

I'm not so good,
with poems and rhymes.
But I'll always try,
for that one guy.

He's understanding,
and just really indescribable.
Is he even,
human? (Wellllllll)

He's just so kind,
and so compassionate.
It's just a miracle,
that he's single.

I want to hug,
and (because I'm weird) sometimes kiss him.
But it's pretty hard,
when a screen separates you.

So I guess I'll leave that to my dreams.
'Cause one day,
it'll be really,
real. (& I know you dream these dreams too, so don't deny it)

Well, that's what I hope,
and maybe he does too.
wow, I'm creepy.

Well as I'm not as poetic,
or as awesome as that one guy.
I guess this is where,
I'll have to bid you all, adieu.

Thanks for takin' the time to read a poem by an awesome person, about an awesome person xP
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Avatar FiNrOd
08 Dec 2017 14:25
Avatar Gemini Guardian
08 Dec 2017 15:53
In reply to FiNrOd
You're welcome ;D
Avatar Thi500
07 Dec 2017 20:07
I'm pretty cool, I know.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
07 Dec 2017 23:37
In reply to Thi500
I should make note of that large ego of yours :0
Avatar Thi500
08 Dec 2017 04:19
In reply to Gemini Guardian
My ego isn't THAT big.
Avatar FiNrOd
08 Dec 2017 14:24
In reply to Thi500
Or liked your own blog lmao
Avatar oswaldo123
08 Dec 2017 15:11
In reply to FiNrOd
I laughed too hard at this comment xD
Avatar FiNrOd
09 Dec 2017 03:16
In reply to oswaldo123
Destruction 100%
Avatar Gemini Guardian
08 Dec 2017 05:27
In reply to Thi500
Oh please, I'd like to know about the one day of your life you didn't talk about yourself
Avatar Rlad116
07 Dec 2017 19:55
Why'd you write a love poem about me? Jo
Avatar Gemini Guardian
07 Dec 2017 23:38
In reply to Rlad116
What gave it away?
Avatar Luisjo96
07 Dec 2017 06:29
This is pretty nice.
Avatar oswaldo123
07 Dec 2017 06:37
In reply to Luisjo96
Can confirm :u
Avatar oswaldo123
07 Dec 2017 05:18
Just wow. simply amazing :n
Avatar Gemini Guardian
07 Dec 2017 05:20
In reply to oswaldo123
I know, my skills are just so amazing. xP
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