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Sight of day copy chap 4
Avatar By kodaB3
Posted 07 Dec 2017 22:52
Category: Short Story
"Like a sculptor, if necessary,
carve a friend out of stone.
Realize that your inner sight is blind
and try to see a treasure in everyone."
-Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi

Drip drip drop
The ceiling is brown and rusted with the constant water leak above my head. It's the only sound in the room other than my own breathing. Looking around I don't see much from my position on the hard iron table, my arms straining to move against the tight iron cuffs holding them down to get a better view.  Six years old, and my eyes can still never adjust to the correct lighting.
My head aches from the bright light searing into my eyes above me, forcing me to seal them shut, flashing a world of black across my vision.
I hear the screech of metal against metal hard against my delicate small ears indicating someone's arrival, but when I open my eyes back to the bright light, it was gone. Replaced by a dimly lit candle in a mans hand.
Undoing my shackles, he helped me up by my covered skin, everywhere but my hands. Seeing as to how much they were trembling, I kept them close to my side, hidden from sight. One touch. It would only take one touch.
Half walking, half jogging down countless hallways, we come to a stop at a small door, making him crouch down to crawl through. Light creeped through the small opening he left behind for me to follow, gathering around me feet which were now visible. I was horrified of how ugly and big they were compared to my skinny, starved body and legs. After I followed him through, I could now see him in good lighting.
He was old. Really old. He had wrinkles going down the sides of his face, under his eyes and above his brow. They seemed to be going in every direction, but I think that's how they work? He grabbed my hand, the candle now blown out in the other, and dragged me along a new, larger hallway with large white lights on the ceiling. Not wanting to get dizzy from another headache, I became extremely focused on the floor. It was tiled, a checkered pattern with a pale blue and white on every other line, all speckled with black lines of marble. He tugs on my arm, signaling me to look up, and what I saw.. I still can't fathom its existence. I don't think it was human, so I never really referred to it as a he. It was a boy, much taller than me but looked the same age. He stood with such calmness, his hand twitching every now and then.
He wore a worn out turtle neck and long pants, covering most of his skin. Form what I could see, he was deathly pale. I looked up further, matching his stare. He was gorgeous. Not that six year old me would notice or care, but he was beautiful. His eyes were black, but flecks of white danced around in them like the midnight sky of stars. His matching dark hair was a spiked mess, with visible dirt on the edges. I expected mine was also as bad, maybe in worse condition. His face was skinny, his jawline defined, but not in a good way. He was equally as skinny as me, visible bones poking out through his skin in his feet, hands and lower legs, the rest I couldn't see.
But what struck me was that I didn't notice his fingers, they were webbed. I had heard of the mutation, but it looked like a frog. Webbed to the top, in an odd skin color, green color, like the tone your face turns when you get sea sick. At least that's what it does in the cartoons they let me watch Saturday morning.
The old man waved his hand at the boy, who then lifted his shirt.
I sucked in a breathe at the sight. He was so skinny, but also had a huge lump in his side. It took me a while to realize the gills along the edges of his torso. Gills. He was a fish! The lump, I realized, must've been an air sac. Does he live in water? Where there more like me? The doctor grabbed me by the shoulders, holding me still before I scream as the fish boy opened his mouth, full of sharp teeth and a razor thin tongue. I panic and claw at his face, screaming until I realize it wasn't me screaming, it was him. He released me to press his hands to his eyes, horrified of the world gone dark around him, eventually passing out. Fish boy and I just stared.
Then he let go of his shirt.
Brought his webbed fingers toward my face.
And lunged at me


Sebastian was on the verge of splashing water over her head. She had been out for hours. He shouldn't have delivered that blow to her head when she ran out of the store.
She was skinny, but a burden to carry to a safe alleyway. Skinny, but beautiful. No he couldn't think like that, he didn't even know who she was! Hasn't even spoke to her. Excluding the mumbled words of "in sorry" when she toppled into him at the hospital.
Eventually getting bored, Sebastian got up and walked out of the alleyway, in search for some clean clothes to replace their torn and dirty ones. He was filthy from falling in the mud under the gurl, but she was disgusting from the start. Her hair was messy, clothes looking as if they've never been washed.
Going to the nearest—cheapest—clothing store, Sebastian took out a credit card, a gift from his eighteenth birthday, and bought some clothing for the both of them. For himself he got some old looking denim jeans, a white plain shirt, and a new black hoodie. For her, well he didn't really know what to get a girl. SHe was a full head shorter than he was, and super skinny, looking starved for years. He grabbed a pair of black jeans with white pocket designs, girls liked that, right? A gray long sleeve shirt with slits going down the arms, and a denim jean jacket with dark green fabric sleeves. The outfit looked like something his older sister, lila would wear, but she was much taller and much less skinny when he left. He didn't know how it would look on the girl.
Walking back to the alleyway with bags in both hands, he spotted a stray dog under a bench on the street, and being the soft fellow he is, he gave him a piece of jerky (A/N this guyyyyyyyyy I'm gushing over my own character)
In the middle of scratching the dogs ears, Sebastian heard a high pitched scream. Some other people turned toward the sound, but others just quickened their pace. Sprinting to the alley way, He finds the girl sitting straight up, a horrified look on her face witch was now deeply fascinated on her delicate hands on her lap. She backed away as he drew closer, and he ended up having to put her bag of clothes on the ground and kicking it over to her

"Well don't you have the decency to turn around at least?" She states her question after a while of just staring at each other, her voice barely more than a whisper.

"Oh" Sebastian realizes, sheepishly apologizing and turning around toward the street. Before he heard the sound of rustling clothing, he was sure he heard the gurl mutter something about "men ain't ****"


I wake up screaming, clawing at my face, trying to scrape off the fish boys hold, only to realize I'm in an alleyway, waking up from a dream. Another person whose life I ruined, great. I look down at my hands, expecting them to be different than a few days ago, but nothing has changed, im the same old me. Yippee.
A man comes charging into the opening that separates us and the street. I scoot back as he walks towards me, glaring at him warning not to come to closer, and he drops a bag on the ground kicking it over. I open it, my hands finding soft, clean smelling fabric, and I look down at my disgusting self. I am a complete mess.

I was just thankful that this dude was, too.
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Oo interesting... Go on, go on.
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