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New Moon: Chapter 8
Avatar By acidAPPLE
Posted 10 Dec 2017 23:03
Category: Short Story
I sat under the sheltering branches, panting after an attempted chasing of a rabbit.
I hadn't had any training in my pack.
Suddenly my heart twisted with the memory. I let out a weak howl, in no hope for any other animals to hear. This was only for my ears.

It's been several moons since the incident with the enemy pack, seven, to be exact, and since then I had fed off carrion and Rot-food.
I then realized something.
I still had my pack's song in my head.
Shaking my pelt, I pushed the thought away.
"They won't welcome me," He whispered.

They would have seen the running as an act of cowardice, the dog chasing me only pure luck.
I allowed a shudder to pass through my body.
But I attacked the dog, first.
The thought had struck me like a hare's back legs.

"I can't go back..."
I was nearly as big as the dog that I had fought.
"Still not big enough."
I shook my head, though talking aloud seemed to have helped.
I decided to keep quiet for now, however.

I decided to move on, away from the prickly low-hanging branches of the tree.
I blinked at it.
I had no knowledge of life, I didn't even know what kind of tree this was.
No matter.
I trotted away, head low, as I searched for a better place.

Finally the trees eventually began to thin out, leaving a lot more open spaces.
I decided this was not good enough, however, and padded on, finally settling down to rest after a while.
Then, suddenly, a faintly familiar scent hit me.
Shaking out my pelt with surprise, I sniffed the air again.
To my very disappointment, I seem to have imagined the scent.

But then, I noticed something.
At the far edge of my sight, a silver and white pelt rippled.
My mouth went dry.

The wolf blinked at me.
I crouched down. I could smell my pack on the wolf's pelt.
"Who are you?" I begged.
The wolf stepped towards me.

"They're all dead," She whispered, her eyes watering.
I jumped back, snarling. "Who are you?" I barked.
The she-wolf stepped closer, then started walking without hesitation until we were nose-to-nose.
"They're gone, Ebony."

Suddenly noises filled my mind.
Snarling, snapping.
Dreadful howls and excited barks.

My mind filled with the memory.

One wolf lay in the clearing, a reddish-brown and white she-wolf.
Her fur wasn't brown..
Her fur was supposed to be silver!

I tried to walk closer, but was rooted to the spot.
I let out a gasp as blood pooled around her mouth.
Her pelt was stained with the color of blood.

I jumped back, and at once I was facing the she-wolf again.
She blinked at me, her bright yellow eyes being a sign that she was young.

She started trotting around me for some reason, as if trying to make a decision.

Finally she stopped.

"How do you know my name?" I blurted out, suddenly self-conscious about everything.
The wolf didn't answer immediately, only just gave a sigh.
"It's just me and you, then."
I swallowed back an impatient growl.

"I'll be waiting for you," was all she said to me.
Turning, she muttered to herself. I strained my ears to listen.
"......is real or not.." Was what I could make out.
She let out a gasp, ears perked.

Suddenly she turned to me.
"I will wait for you. I am still at our home," She added with a waver in her voice.

Suddenly she started fading.
"Who are you?" I called desperately.
She blinked at me, her eyes full of confusion and sadness.

"If you truly are Ebony..." She shook her head, "There is no need to hide this. But you must come back."
Suddenly the note in her voice reminded him of someone.
She nodded, her outline barely visible against the trees, her eyes full of excitement.

Then, I woke up.
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Avatar GEMini GUARDian
11 Dec 2017 02:32

Oy, but could ya fix the few typos there please? :0
Avatar acidAPPLE
11 Dec 2017 03:42
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
I've been lazy
But sure
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
11 Dec 2017 03:46
In reply to acidAPPLE
Tell me when you do please. c:
Avatar acidAPPLE
11 Dec 2017 03:50
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
I did c:
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
11 Dec 2017 03:56
In reply to acidAPPLE
Thankssss .u.
Avatar acidAPPLE
11 Dec 2017 04:04
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
Np man
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