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Kitty likes Taxidermy.


Avatar Edgar69
31 Dec 2017 17:14
Yussss taxidermy! Was just talking about that yesterday with my friends. I have an awesome bobcat placed in the living room. It’s really beautiful
Avatar banjo2
21 Dec 2017 05:37
good read
Avatar Gemini Guardian
21 Dec 2017 14:06
In reply to banjo2
Any blog by Kit is a good read m9
Avatar Rlad116
20 Dec 2017 15:39
Avatar Gemini Guardian
20 Dec 2017 19:32
In reply to Rlad116
ded meme
Avatar Rlad116
21 Dec 2017 05:15
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Just like me
Avatar Gemini Guardian
20 Dec 2017 13:28
My dad knew this guy who had a taxidermied raven, it died of natural causes and was a good pet until death, so yeah.
Avatar Star Shadow
20 Dec 2017 17:04
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Avatar Gemini Guardian
20 Dec 2017 19:30
In reply to Star Shadow
Avatar TheLegend27
20 Dec 2017 00:08
Another amazing rant by kitty
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