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Avatar banjo2
26 Dec 2017 04:55
Where was this typed?
Avatar kodaB3
27 Dec 2017 03:48
In reply to banjo2
Word No.17
Avatar banjo2
15 Jul 2018 18:04
In reply to kodaB3
wait what
Avatar banjo2
27 Dec 2017 04:49
In reply to kodaB3
Avatar Thi500
25 Dec 2017 15:20
What the fuck is a christmas?
Avatar kodaB3
25 Dec 2017 16:22
In reply to Thi500
You poor, poor child
Avatar Thi500
25 Dec 2017 16:56
In reply to kodaB3
Omnipotent beings don't have age, child.
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
25 Dec 2017 14:10
Beautiful. C:
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