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A Tale of Two Creators
Avatar By Thi500
Posted 06 Jan 2018 03:21
Category: Short Story
The Creator walked around the Hub nervously.

"I captured Erin... I could destroy the entire world right now...so why do I feel the slightest bit of hesitation?!" He said angrily.

A mirror soon materialized next to the Creator.
"Oh, it's you." The Creator turned to it.
"Hey, asshole." Erin greeted.
"What do you want?!" He yelled.
"I want to tell you that you aren't getting away with this. Your power is depleting." Erin chuckled.
"Ha ha... Not for long. As long as the gullible people of Paint still think that I'm better, and are under the impression that Thi will never return... Well... Let's just say that it will become a reality. And your world will be gone." The Creator explained.

But then...

The elevator chimed. Then the door blew open.

"'Sup?" It was Thi.

"No way!" Erin smiled.

"How did you..?!" The Creator created a handgun out of nowhere.

"Strike me down, Devil. I dare you." Thi taunted. "I know you don't have the willpower."

"Watch me, bitch!" The Creator/Devil yelled.

"Do it, then." Thi stared the Devil right in his glowing, yellow eyes.
"These are MY creations, Devil. And you want to destroy them. I wasn't going to sit back and wait for that to happen."

"2DSDraw created a rift that will destroy the entire Hub! Do you don't understand that?!" The Devil yelled.

"You're wrong." Thi assured. "YOU created that rift. YOU made it easier to escape by putting that Narrator into 2DSDraw. The Narrator that defied you, and tried to take the power of creation for himself."

The Creator began to shake nervously.
"The Narrator... where is he now..?"

"Probably on his way right... now."

The roof of the Hub blew open, and down fell the Narrator.
"You IDIOTS. You fell right into my trap!" He laughed maniacally.

"You let your guard down, and now I have the character souls! With their newfound power... I will become the GOD of these worlds!"

The Creator began to truly feel fear.
"What... have I..."

Thi snapped his fingers, and Erin jumped out of the mirror.

"C'mon, guys." Thi said to the two. "Let's get this guy."

The Narrator absorbed the souls of the fallen characters, and ascended into the abyss above. Snapping his fingers, Thi, Erin, and the Devil soon followed.

They appeared in a arena made of light... a beautiful sight.
"I WILL DESTROY... DESTROY EVERYTHING..." The Narrator yelled as his monstrosity of a final form was finished. It was a mixture of a dragon, a Pegasus, a Manticore... It was crazy to look at.

Soon, Erin, Thi, and the Devil began glowing with a purple light.

The Narrator began to launch giant spears of fire at the trio, they quickly ran from it, swiftly avoiding the attack. Giant lasers came from the Narrator's eyes, which the trio also avoided. They couldn't keep the charade up this long... They needed a plan.

"Any ideas?" Erin asked.
"Nothing." Thi responded. "Devil? Anything? The least you can do is help us."
"..." The Devil lay silent in thought. "There is only one way to beat him in this state."
"Devil, that'll kill you." Thi warned.
"It's the only way." The Devil stood up. "My only wish, Thi... Tell my son's story. Jason... He's a good kid. Make his voice known."

The Devil walked up to the Narrator. Using any ounce of power he had left...

...he remembered. Waldo, Mimi, Acid, everyone on Paint.
"They really care about Thi... this much? Well... At least they're getting what they want now..."

The Devil began to surround himself in a dark blue aura, before jumping, and launching himself, almost lightspeed, at the Narrator's head. Shrieking, the Narrator began to explode.

"Erin, let's go!" Thi and Erin ran from the explosion, and made a leap of faith down to the Hub... barely making it. Then, they watched the fireworks from above.

They had won.

"It's good to be back..." Thi said.

"Who's gonna clean all this up?" Erin asked.

Thi smiled, then snapped his fingers. The mess was clean.

"...oh." Erin was amazed.

"It's true that the Devil drew power from my depression... And that I let him rise to power in that way. At least now, the rift is fixed." He turned to Erin. "And it's time for you to finally go back home. I'll have to erase your memory of this place... but at least your world will be intact."

Erin nodded and smiled sadly, and ran over to hug Thi. Thi returned the hug, and snapped his fingers, sending her back once and for all.

Thi took a deep breath... "Man. I haven't seen everyone on Paint in months..." He walked over to the chat terminal. "A chat. That's convenient." He sat down, the other chatters eager for his return.
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Avatar FiNrOd
08 Jan 2018 15:44
“I haven’t seen anyone on paint for months”
Nibba you’ve been on the discord for like 8 weeks
Avatar Thi500
08 Jan 2018 16:22
In reply to FiNrOd
Maybe if you payed attention you would actually understand this story
Avatar FiNrOd
09 Jan 2018 15:27
In reply to Thi500
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