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2DSDraw - Chapter The Last
Avatar By Thi500
Posted 06 Jan 2018 03:41
Category: Short Story
I walked into Angelo's house. Luis greeted me at the door. It's strange, I was actually in a good mood... for some reason.

"Erin! You made it!" Angelo said excitedly.

"Yeah, I did... And I'm glad I did!" I responded.

Wilma and Manny were making out in the corner... Before going to another room. Strange sounds were coming from that room a few minutes later.

After a few rounds of Ultra Bash Sisters and Wario Kart, I began to contemplate something...

I've always wondered why we're all here. I'm not religious, but we had to come from somewhere. I looked out the window and into the sky. Whatever did create us, I hope he's smiling down at me, and gives me a happy life. Just like those religious texts I read in school.

I smiled, and began to play the game again.


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Avatar FiNrOd
26 Feb 2018 23:48
17 Jan 2018 01:09
Satisfying ending.

Love it. Keep writing. You go blank, I have 3 stories that could be of use to a better writer.
Avatar FiNrOd
09 Jan 2018 15:35
Ultra bash sisters
Avatar banjo2
06 Jan 2018 06:28
movie comingwhen
Avatar Thi500
06 Jan 2018 16:19
In reply to banjo2
The whole Creator arc wouldn't be possible in movie form XD
Avatar banjo2
06 Jan 2018 16:21
In reply to Thi500
o h .
still rad tho
Avatar oswaldo123
06 Jan 2018 04:12
Bravo *applauds*
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
06 Jan 2018 04:26
In reply to oswaldo123
Hear, hear!
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