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Posted 08 Jan 2018 04:01
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The Plot

This isn't the same world we live in, no, not at all. This is a diferent universe, with a different history, a different understanding of life. Imagine a planet, completely flooded-- except for an island. Now, this is quite a large island. Honestly, it should be called a continent. Imagine Australia. That's about how large it is.

Long ago this world began to flood. The people fled to a region of high ground. This land belonged to clans of skilled and mighty warriors. The warriors allowed the people into their land. The people divided into four, each choosing a clan to give their allegiance to. Each clan built villages and towns for their people, and after some time, each region became closed off to the others. They each became masters at one specific thing. The Eastern people became fishermen. The Western people became woodworkers. The Northern people became blacksmiths. And the Southern people became farmers.

Now, there was a small region in the middle of these four. The leaders of each of these clans united and built a temple, hidden deep in the center, impossible to find if you didn't know where exactly to look. There a magnificent library was built to hold all the knowledge and wisdom of the clans. In the center of the temple, four scrolls were placed. Each was a spell that gave an incredible elemental ability. They say that the only reason that this land wasn't flooded was because of the spells in these scrolls. Another legend states that if one combined the scrolls, they would find a fifth spell. This one could grant any wish. No matter how impossible. It has been centuries since one last visited this mystical temple. And no one has attempted to find it since.

Exactly one century ago, there was a war. The reason for this war is unknown, as all known records of it was attempted to be erased by the Northern and Southern clans. But they could never erase the loss and destruction of the Western and Eastern clans, which were obliterated in this mysterious war. Not even the descendants of the Northern and Southern clans know how this war came to be. It is forbidden to speak of it. After this war, the Eastern lands were taken over by the Northern clan, and the Western lands were taken by the Southern clan, who also took possession over the central region. This angered the Northern clan, but they did nothing-- until now.

The Northern clan has been attacking and raiding towns and villages of the Southern lands. The reason is to get the Southern clan to give them the central land. They want this land so that they can find the ancient temple. They want the power of the elements, said to be stored in those four scrolls. They want to take control over the entire island. But, the Southern clan will never allow this. Thus, a war begins.

But. Unknown to the Southern clan. The leader of the Northern clan not only wants power, they also want revenge. Revenge for the death of their family. Yes, revenge. The Southern clan was not always good. No. There was a spell set over them. One that corrupted them. No one knows who cast the spell. Over a decade ago they raided the Northern clan. They set fire to the leaders' home. They stole as much gold as they could. But, they not only stole and destroyed... They also murdered. They murdered the family of the Northern clans' leader in front of them. The next morning the Southern clan awakened, the spell over them had done it's evil, and when they saw what they had done, they were devastated. They returned everything, they helped to rebuild everything. But no matter what, they could not bring back the murdered family.

The Warriors

There are three types of warriors in this land. Hero, anti-hero, and neutral. The hero warriors are from the Southern clan and the anti-hero from the Northern clan. The neutral warriors are sometimes said to be descendants of the destroyed Eastern and Western clans. But most of the time, they are just failed warriors, kicked out of their clan for failure, or for punishment. Neutral warriors call themselves ninja, and do not usually get along with the warriors who are in clans. They are looked down upon because of this, and because of their general lack of fighting skill. They weren't trained properly, and if they were, they must have done something horrible to have been kicked out of their clan.

The Clan and Leader Names

The clans are named after the last name of their leader. Who rule over their clan for 50 years before their child inherits the clan. If the leader dies before an heir is born, the second-in-command will automatically become the leader. If the leader dies before the heir is 17, the second-in-command will be leader until the heir becomes old enough.

The Northern clan is referred to as Luri. The current leaders' name is Voril Luri. They inherited the clan at age 23, as the previous leader died of sickness along with old age.

The Southern clan is referred to as Shiyo. The current leaders' name is Lina Shiyo. They inherited the clan at age 17, as the previous leader died of deadly disease.

The Western clan has no known name, as the records of it were destroyed.

The Eastern clan has no name, as the records of it were destroyed.

If you have a question, or any new info to be added just say so and I'll add it in.

This'll be quite an interesting roleplay .w.
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Avatar banjo2
03 Apr 2018 01:46
R e a d .
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
03 Apr 2018 04:29
In reply to banjo2
Don't you mean;

E X T R A r e a d.
Avatar banjo2
03 Apr 2018 04:32
In reply to GEMini GUARDian


Avatar banjo2
12 Jan 2018 02:07
interestingggggggggg :o
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
12 Jan 2018 03:00
In reply to banjo2
If you want to join in I can ask Mie and Waldo to let you innnnn :0
Avatar banjo2
12 Jan 2018 03:12
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
m8 pls i'm not at that level yettt
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
12 Jan 2018 03:41
In reply to banjo2
Then ya should come watch us rp saturday (10 pm EST) and learn how to rp xP
Avatar banjo2
12 Jan 2018 03:42
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
ooooo education
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
12 Jan 2018 14:01
In reply to banjo2
Ages 13 and up.
Avatar banjo2
12 Jan 2018 15:07
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
Avatar oswaldo123
08 Jan 2018 23:55
So complex :O

But gooooddd :p
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
09 Jan 2018 00:34
In reply to oswaldo123
True :v

Honestly, it'll only be good if we roleplayers, roleplay it good xP
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