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New Moon: Chapter 11
Avatar By acidAPPLE
Posted 08 Feb 2018 02:49
Category: Short Story
Blitz stared at me in shock, "What?" She whispered.
I nodded. "We're finding them," and turned.
"But...Wait." Came the protest.
"Eh?" I turned back to her.
She hesitated a moment before her gaze hardened. "How will we find them? They're long gone now. And if Shadow truly still wanted me, I would have been with him by now. We can't look for them."

I stared at her.

Suddenly a rustle came from one of the bushes outside. I froze.
"Who's there?" Blitz called out, her tail bushing up.
A sound that somewhat represented a gasp came from the same area.
Then, more rustling sounded, and heavy footsteps.
Whoever was there, was running.

"Let's go!" I shouted without a moment's hesitation.
"Wait, Ebony."
"If it's gone, it's none of our business."
I rolled my eyes with a snort. "You're so careful! Let's just go."
I headed off in the direction the footsteps sounded from.

How could I have known, at that very decision, my life would never be the same?
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Avatar FiNrOd
08 Feb 2018 14:52
Short n spooky :u
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
08 Feb 2018 13:36

what a cliff hanger
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