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When they don't feel the joy..
Avatar By Thunder6104
Posted 12 Feb 2018 01:04
Category: Miscellaneous

Don't you feel disappointed when you're so into something, say a song, and you share it to your friends/family, yet they don't feel the same joy you do? Yes, that feeling.

So much music has deep meaning to it that's greatly and commonly overlooked by its catchy tune; do not be deceived.

An amazing example of this is "You Found Me", MercyMe. Yes, I'm a diehard fan of MercyMe, and that's because their music has lovely meaning to it, as it glorifies what Christian Contemporary is supposed to be. The song tells the tale of how, no matter what you do, Jesus sees the hurt, but pardons it. The meaning of the cross is to redeem us and forgive us for our inevitable sins, and that's what this song appreciates. I absolutely adore this song for the following section in the lyrics:


One, two, three, no need for hiding
Four, five, six, it's already forgotten
Seven, eight, nine, ten, if you're ready or not
Here I come
You, You found me!
You, You found me!


The song really gives off that adorable, innocent sense of being younger. It's putting forth as if you're playing Hide & Seek with Jesus, trying to "hide" your guilt, shame, and regrets. However, he FINDS you! No need for hiding, it's already forgotten, and if you're ready or not, here I come..

Beautiful, right? Or at least it is for us who are emotional. c:

Thanks for reading my craze about my favorite band, MercyMe, and really shining light on how a lot of people don't take the music for its meaning and just listens to it for the tune.

~ Seth

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Avatar Keendrick
18 Feb 2018 19:16
Yeah I hate it when people can't appreciate necrocannibalistic deathnoise as much as me.
Avatar martin0aguilar
17 Feb 2018 04:03
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Avatar FiNrOd
12 Feb 2018 17:29
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Avatar GEMini GUARDian
12 Feb 2018 04:31
It's kinda disappointing when someone doesn't care for the same things you love. But when you find a person who shares your love, the enjoyment in the thing becomes so much higher. xP

Or so, that's what I've experienced x3
Avatar Thunder6104
12 Feb 2018 05:22
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
Indeed ^-^
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