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When they don't feel the joy..


Avatar Keendrick
18 Feb 2018 19:16
Yeah I hate it when people can't appreciate necrocannibalistic deathnoise as much as me.
Avatar martin0aguilar
17 Feb 2018 04:03
top ten saddest quotes on anime
Avatar Finrod
12 Feb 2018 17:29
Top ten saddest moments in anime
Avatar Gemini Guardian
12 Feb 2018 04:31
It's kinda disappointing when someone doesn't care for the same things you love. But when you find a person who shares your love, the enjoyment in the thing becomes so much higher. xP

Or so, that's what I've experienced x3
Avatar Thunder6104
12 Feb 2018 05:22
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Indeed ^-^
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