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A questionable thing
Avatar By GEMini GUARDian
Posted 22 Apr 2018 14:41
Category: Short Story
Well, I noticed the blogs were dead, and I decided to post a written version of this new comic I just recently started. Lemme know what you guys think!

Her little footsteps clicked on the cobblestone. She was excited. A new journey. A new adventure. A fresh start. She had just left her village in search of a new life. A chance to leave her old life behind.

She looked up at the castle gates she had just walked up to. The gates were opened, so she decided to go through them, into the large courtyard. It was empty, no one was there, she then assumed the castle to be abandoned. But then she saw a figure up on the north-eastern tower.

She looked around for a way up, and saw an opening in the large stone walls of the castle. She peeked in and saw a large winding staircase heading upwards. Well, it may have been dark and scary-looking, but she was a new person. No longer the scared little 12-year-old, but a new, strong, brave one. She put her bag filled with her most precious items and necessities onto the first step. "I'll be back," she said, to no one in particular but the bag, and began the climb.

The stairs, which were made of wooden planks, creaked with each step she took. They were also pretty steep. She stopped at a small platform, there was a window looking out into the courtyard, and a wooden door leading into another room, or so she assumed. She ignored the door-- but only because she wanted to know who that figure was. It wasn't because she was scared at all. Yep. Totally.

She came up to the top of the stairs which led to the castle wall next to the tower. She walked outside into the sunshine and warm summer breeze. She turned right and walked towards the tower, right where the figure was. She crouched behind a pallet of stones, materials, and peeked over the side to see who the figure was.

The figure, was a person, but not a grown-up. It was a boy, who looked to be around her age. Maybe older. Definitely older.
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