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The Wolf in Sheep's clothing
Avatar By MIMtheHERO
Posted 05 Jul 2018 16:53
Category: Short Story
The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

He woke in a pool of warm, red liquid. Blood. Ah, it happened again. The metallic taste still remained on his tongue. It’d be dawn soon, then the others would wake up. Looking down to his legs, he noticed they were covered in blood. Deciding that it’d be best to make haste, he padded over to the lake and washed off. The scent of blood remained, but the oblivious little lambs would never make the connection. By the time they found the truth, it would be too late. Finally, the crack of dawn signalled that his time was up.

“Until tomorrow, my little lambs,” he growled, and fled.


They all woke at once, and chaos ensued.
A few lambs, shaking like a leaf, reported the incident to the Great Sheep, who went to investigate. Bloody pawprints led to a mutilated body, intestines spilling out and vicious claw marks covering the body. More tracks led away from the gruesome sight, and towards the river, where they stopped. Suspicious.


Every night after that incident, one lamb was lost to the mysterious murderer. Each body was in the same state, and this went on until only one lucky lamb and the Great Sheep was left.

This was the last night, the last meal and the last murder. He’d savour this little lamb.

Slowly, he creeped over to his prey.

Slowly, he opened his mouth.

Then -CRUNCH- and the last lamb was gone.

Finally, shedding his disguise, the Great Wolf smiled.


I wrote a short story based on the saying 'a wolf in sheep's clothing'... I hope you enjoyed!

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Avatar YourLocalBaka
05 Jul 2018 18:34
you should totally write a book someday
Avatar MIMtheHERO
06 Jul 2018 17:29
In reply to YourLocalBaka
Don't expect it to be happy... I'm already planning one, not really a book but more a story. I have the ideas, just need to sort my brain out and get writing.
Avatar Rlad116
05 Jul 2018 17:49
Avatar oswaldo123
05 Jul 2018 23:23
In reply to Rlad116
You're into some weird stuff randy
Avatar Rlad116
06 Jul 2018 05:45
In reply to oswaldo123
Literally everything I say is a joke...
Avatar oswaldo123
06 Jul 2018 05:46
In reply to Rlad116
I know, that's 90% true for me as well matee
Avatar banjo2
05 Jul 2018 17:20
Oooh, literal wolf in sheep's clothingg

Nice, but kind of a dark endingg, heh
Avatar MIMtheHERO
05 Jul 2018 17:22
In reply to banjo2
I am the Master of Darkness!!!!
Avatar banjo2
05 Jul 2018 17:23
In reply to MIMtheHERO
Ya, you seem to have a thing for dark endingss
Avatar MIMtheHERO
05 Jul 2018 17:25
In reply to banjo2
Only thing I can write about... You'll never see a happy ending from me.
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
06 Jul 2018 11:39
In reply to MIMtheHERO
You probably would have liked The Chess Kingdom tbhhh
Avatar oswaldo123
05 Jul 2018 17:40
In reply to MIMtheHERO
Avatar banjo2
05 Jul 2018 17:26
In reply to MIMtheHERO
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