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4 - Dealing with the Devil
Avatar By Thi500
Posted 11 Jul 2018 06:27
Category: Short Story
I couldn’t sleep. The stress of the situation is really getting to me. I don’t understand, what all of a sudden made the terminal work?

I got out of bed to get a drink of water. Everyone in the Hub was asleep, even Vio. I decided to take a trip to the old mirror room. All the mirrors were shut down, except for two. One of them led to 2DSDraw, the other, hell, I couldn’t tell you. It looked like New York City, Brooklyn, specifically.

I heard a small yell from the other room, and the sound of a door bursting open.

“Damn it... damn it... DAMN IT!” He yelled again. I rushed over.

“Jason, calm the fuck do—“ He pulled the gun on me.

“Shut the fuck up!” Jason yelled.

“You’re fine!” I yelled back.

“You don’t know me!” He trembled as he aimed the gun. “You don’t fucking know me!”

“What happened?!” I asked.

“The mirror... the man in the mirror... he said...” Jason began to break down.

“Mirror?” I pondered it for a bit. “Oh no.”

I rushed to Jason’s room. There was a slight chill in the air.

“You cannot escape your demons, Creator... you cannot escape the Devil inside.” A voice spoke.

“You?!” I looked around frantically. “What are you doing back?!”

“You’re me, and I’m you. Two sides of the same coin... you can’t exist without me.”

“Bull****.” I replied. “I’ve been doing just fine without you around.”

“And yet, your precious Hub neglected to even work, until I returned.”

“I knew you were behind this.”

“Don’t fear. I have come with a... proposition.” The Devil chuckled.

“Damn it...” I grimaced. “What do you want?”

“My son, Jason... he never got a chance. You used him to escape your own life, and THREW HIM AWAY, like he was nothing.” The Devil paused. “I want my boy to have an existence in your universe. And in return... I will leave your worlds alone.”

“...promise?” I asked.

“Promise.” The Devil chucked maniacally. “You wouldn’t even need to do anything. His story is already written.”

“Devil, wait. What if I...”

“Spit it out.”

“What if I add him to an existing story. He would have a similar role. And he gets to utilize his Ruby of Dimension.”

“Hm... interesting...” The Devil paused. “Fine. I accept.”


Why do I feel like this is going to bite me in the ass later?

I walked up to Jason. Then I looked up at the mirror of Brooklyn. Maybe he’ll fit in a different version of New York, where he has someone where he can fight with and learn his own lessons from. Yeah, I think that’s an excellent idea.

I snapped my fingers, and Jason turned into data, and flew into his own mirror.

NEXT: The Glorious Grey Matter
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Avatar GEMini GUARDian
11 Jul 2018 12:38
Phantom Rudy ripoff smhh
Avatar Thi500
11 Jul 2018 18:44
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
you seem to not know what the phantom ruby really is if you think it's a ripoff lmfao
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
12 Jul 2018 15:20
In reply to Thi500
"ruby of dimension"


Totally not ripoff
Avatar Thi500
12 Jul 2018 20:58
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
You don't even know what it is or what is does lul
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
12 Jul 2018 22:50
In reply to Thi500
What the "ruby of dimension" is?
Avatar Thi500
12 Jul 2018 23:28
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
Wait for the next story, it gives a lot more insight to the ruby and what it does
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
13 Jul 2018 03:42
In reply to Thi500
Why are you laughing at me for saying it's a ripoff, when you haven't even given us all the info on it? I was just saying what I assumed with the current available information. >:c
Avatar Thi500
13 Jul 2018 03:48
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
It’s called creating interest in a future plot point
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
13 Jul 2018 04:22
In reply to Thi500
You do realize that you come off as rude and that takes away my interest-- not adds it, right?
Avatar Thi500
13 Jul 2018 04:27
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
Don't accuse me of ripping things off when I clearly am not
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
13 Jul 2018 04:33
In reply to Thi500
I literally just said that "ruby of diemsion" seemed like it was ripping off the phantom ruby which is involved with dimensions as well-- don't get triggered smhghhhh
Avatar Thi500
13 Jul 2018 04:44
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
Why would I have any reason to rip off anything, much less Sonic Forces, the worst game of 2017
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
13 Jul 2018 12:10
In reply to Thi500
Just because I said it doesn't mean it was a ripoff-- just sayin' that it seemed like one

Sonic Mania also had the Phantom Ruby mate :/
Avatar Rlad116
11 Jul 2018 18:15
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
Danny Phantom
Avatar FiNrOd
11 Jul 2018 18:35
In reply to Rlad116
[i]Hes a phantom[/i]
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
11 Jul 2018 19:17
In reply to FiNrOd
Nice try.
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
11 Jul 2018 18:20
In reply to Rlad116
Not legal
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