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Papayas. (Short blog about trading places for a day)
Avatar By banjo2
Posted 14 Jul 2018 01:26
Category: Short Story
Hello, a few days ago ( Wednesday, July 11th, 2018 ), GEMini GUARDian and I switched accounts for one day. This means that we had to respond to each other's PMs, pretend to be each other in chats and groups, and stay in character in general. We decided to do this because we are so alike, but we are also very different, as we found out after.

This is Mimi's short journal she wrote while she was in my account. My commentary on what she wrote is in bold text.

Please enjoy.


So it's been like half the day alreadyy

Being Danny is different but like it's cool

It was very interesting for me to be another person as well. I feel as if people give me more attention.

I've been exchanging doodles with Mie for like 2 hours, but I dunno how Danny's gonna handle it when he gets back, sorry for breaking character and drawing gooddd D:

I've looked through these messages, and they are some very nice drawings. A bit too nice. I think she may have been a bit too social with Acid, I don't talk with her that much D;


Rizzo didn't even reply to my reply so AAAAAAAA

she's weird and busy, but she also sent some pictures of the view so that's nice :o

Waldo probably didn't even notice yet that we've traded places-- which either means he doesn't pay attention or uhhh me and Danny are v e r y good actors

He seemed to be skeptical about it later, though he was just fooled well enoughh

I like how everyone's nice to Danny, that's cool-- I can just be nice backkk

I think it's just that they don't know me as well :p

Uhhh for some reason I seem mean from Danny's pov

Oh nononononon you're not meannn D;

Idek, I might just be insane xD


And hmmmmmmmmm

I also expected him to have a Samus backround, but nopeeee--

But I mean, the white backround makes everything seem neat, so that's coolio

Yeahhh, the Samus background was never a favorite of mine, as the repeated pattern looks so... Repeated. xD

I dunno if it's alright, but uhh, I liked Waldo's blog as Danny, I guess he can remove the like later if he didn't like it aahhhhhh

It was alright I guess. I'm honestly not much of one for poetry, so...

Hmmmmm, that's all I've really experienced and actually remembered for nowww

It's the next morning now aaaaaa

Uhhh we made some plan thing so that if I get sleepy, I'd just pretend I needed to get to bed early aahhhhhh

That was executed well

And then after I guess Danny would start speaking typo or smthhhh

I did, and accidentally caused a funny quote xD

Also he discovered some weird thing that would make your action say "Dressing Drag" w h e w

It WaS aN aCcIdEnT

I also bookmarked My zone from my acc a long time ago, and when I went there it brought me to his my zone so AAAAAAAAAAAAA


Uhh mate, it's not user-dependent lol

Idek if I'm supposed to wait for this person to wake up or if I just go back as me xD

You were supposed to go back to youu smhh


And now, a uh, message from Mimi.

Once upon a time 10 years ago, Mimi's mom cut up some papaya for her, but Mimi refused to eat any, thinking it tasted horrible. Mimi's mom kept insisting that they were delicious, and they were also very healthy, but Mimi still refused-- after an hour of convincing, Mimi finally decided to try the papaya.

It was amazing. Her mother was right! It was from there that her love for papayas began.

Looking back on this, I am starting to think that maybe I should've made a journal like this... Oops

I'd like to apologize on behalf of myself and Mimi for doing this, as some of you would rather not have some people read other people's PMs. I hope you all understand.

This blog was rushed, so, sorry for the shortness and low attention to detail.
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Avatar FiNrOd
20 Jul 2018 01:50
Avatar banjo2
20 Jul 2018 02:55
In reply to FiNrOd
Avatar Rlad116
16 Jul 2018 00:49
Who's razzo
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
16 Jul 2018 14:13
In reply to Rlad116

git ur spelin' gud
Avatar banjo2
16 Jul 2018 01:23
In reply to Rlad116
That's what Mimi calls RedflarezZ
Avatar redflarezZ
15 Jul 2018 04:52

but then again

i wasn’t even here half the time soo
Avatar banjo2
15 Jul 2018 04:53
In reply to redflarezZ

thanks for actually giving thumbs up
Avatar banjo2
15 Jul 2018 04:53
In reply to redflarezZ

thanks for actually giving thumbs up
Avatar redflarezZ
15 Jul 2018 05:30
In reply to banjo2
you’re verY welcome
14 Jul 2018 21:49
I didn't even know this happened, lol. xD
Avatar banjo2
14 Jul 2018 22:03
No one was supposed to know until Friday :p
15 Jul 2018 15:19
In reply to banjo2
Nice.It's actually an interesting idea to switch places for a day. xD
Avatar banjo2
15 Jul 2018 15:39
I'm just surprised that it (kinda) workedd
Avatar acidAPPLE
14 Jul 2018 04:49
i have been fooled.
Avatar banjo2
14 Jul 2018 04:53
In reply to acidAPPLE
Avatar acidAPPLE
14 Jul 2018 04:54
In reply to banjo2
Avatar banjo2
14 Jul 2018 04:55
In reply to acidAPPLE
Avatar oswaldo123
14 Jul 2018 04:49
In reply to acidAPPLE
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
14 Jul 2018 12:27
In reply to oswaldo123
I thought you knew me better smhhhhh
Avatar banjo2
14 Jul 2018 12:42
In reply to GEMini GUARDian
Avatar banjo2
14 Jul 2018 04:52
In reply to oswaldo123
FeelsBadMan for you both
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