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The Hidden Feature


Avatar oswaldo123
01 Sep 2018 13:42
I'll still read these even if they aren't featured
Avatar banjo2
01 Sep 2018 15:11
In reply to oswaldo123
Yay it worked
Avatar banjo2
01 Sep 2018 04:09
Seems interesting. I look forward to readin more. However, next time, make the parts longer, and make it seem a bit more formal (like putting the chapter number at the top or *a bit* more spacing.)

I'll give you this one since it's the first in the series. This should get some users interested, just in case the later ones aren't featured.

Take what i've said into consideration, thanks.
Avatar greydreams
01 Sep 2018 04:13
In reply to banjo2
Ok! Thank you for the feedback!
Avatar banjo2
01 Sep 2018 04:14
In reply to greydreams
You're welcome.
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