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The Voice of Reason


Avatar Nearan-Nadorian
06 Dec 2018 05:41
Death is what gives us a point in life.
Avatar SkulHedFace
06 Dec 2018 05:52
In reply to Nearan-Nadorian
Not in the form of suicide.
Avatar Nearan-Nadorian
06 Dec 2018 07:09
In reply to SkulHedFace
Mm, suicide is no fun, just makes you seem ungrateful for the fact you are living.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
08 Nov 2018 13:18
are these simple poems you've written, or lyrics to songs you've written?

it's quite good either way xD
Avatar SkulHedFace
08 Nov 2018 13:55
In reply to Gemini Guardian
This one is a poem, the rest have been songs.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
08 Nov 2018 16:06
In reply to SkulHedFace
ah i see
Avatar inSein
08 Nov 2018 09:26
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