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Emeral: Prideful Justice - Chapter 3


Avatar Max-Headroom
12 Jan 2019 07:10
S-Simply Beautiful.
Avatar cdog3789
12 Jan 2019 04:16
Oof, good job
Avatar JonahBrake2
11 Jan 2019 18:37
Avatar Thi500
11 Jan 2019 16:31
Apologies for a short/rushed chapter. Been kinda busy with life and stuff and I had to get something out there. I promise the next chapter will be better.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
11 Jan 2019 17:49
In reply to Thi500
no worries mate, it still came out quite well to me
Avatar Thi500
11 Jan 2019 17:54
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Thanks b
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