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The New PM System - Community Input


Avatar Rlad116
31 Jan 2019 18:17
I haven't even touched it. No messages me 😔
01 Feb 2019 20:20
In reply to Rlad116
You could message me. Ya know.
Avatar Thi500
26 Jan 2019 04:38
kinda pointless considering the countless other things that should have more priority
26 Jan 2019 06:01
In reply to Thi500
What should have priority.
Avatar Rlad116
31 Jan 2019 19:18
In reply to TulipsOfLove
I had a good meme
Avatar acidAPPLE
24 Jan 2019 21:02
I really like it.

It's more organized and definitely cuts out the lag, when viewing either inbox or outbox. The message viewers are good too. I don't have to click "previous in thread" to remember what I was talking about with the other person.

Two thumbs up, Hull!
24 Jan 2019 15:28
I have some news everyone! PMs are now no longer in ascending order anymore and we now have messages in groups of ten! So now nobody has to worry about huge threads freezing your browser!

Quick note. While viewing a thread if you happen to have a new message, you can now press the < to show the next new message in the thread that wasn’t included in the already displaying ten messages. This way you will no longer need to go back and fourth between your conversation and the main inbox!
Avatar oswaldo123
24 Jan 2019 15:35
In reply to TulipsOfLove
Exactly, it's a system similar to the inbox and outbox, I'm pretty sure hull was planning that but some people can't chill and let the thing get worked on
Avatar banjo2
24 Jan 2019 15:45
In reply to oswaldo123
I don't think people were expecting him to put up an update half-finished then complete it the next day though
24 Jan 2019 15:37
In reply to oswaldo123
Avatar oswaldo123
24 Jan 2019 15:18
These people are too quick to give their opinions before it's even fully done like geez hold up a while, a handful of complaints have already been put to rest and for those of us who've been here a long time we know that the community had asked hull to update the site to a more modern style, and he's working on it which I applaud him for, so stop being so quick to judge on something that hasn't even been fully finished yet and save your criticisms for later.
Avatar Finrod
24 Jan 2019 14:03
Now that I’ve used it. It’s quite -dumb- it’s kind of nifty but it’s not like a shout box like I was hoping it would. As Gem stated below it’s just cluttered. And it still has the individual PM feature, you still have to click a button to go back to see their message. I was hoping it would be good. But it’s even worst with images. Also embed videos are hellishly laggy lol.
Avatar banjo2
24 Jan 2019 15:06
In reply to Finrod
Fact, they've always been laggy
Avatar Finrod
24 Jan 2019 15:23
In reply to banjo2
Fact: Yes but have you ever considered that making a problem even more of a problem is a problem?
Avatar banjo2
24 Jan 2019 15:44
In reply to Finrod
Avatar Finrod
24 Jan 2019 16:58
In reply to banjo2
Avatar Finrod
24 Jan 2019 14:04
In reply to Finrod
It’s more of just a “history section” but I was hoping it would be a little more better with it. Possible suggestions: literaly just a bulletin board reskin.
Avatar Skeptical
24 Jan 2019 13:21
I like how it looks

it doesn't look as crowded as it used to be
Avatar Sun+Moon
24 Jan 2019 12:09
Personally, i don't mind it. But when you load the page it's really annoying to scroll all the way down. I agree with banjo, reply button should be at the top with newest message.
But overall there is some good things and bad things. And the sudden change was surprising for people who have been here for like 5 years and more.
Avatar banjo2
24 Jan 2019 05:34
I think the DM style should be removed, make it paged so it doesn't lag on 3DSi, and change the order so new PM's and the rrply button are at the top.

Or just go back to the old format.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
24 Jan 2019 05:32
in my opinion-- if you have a long message thread that has spanned for months and months, it will literally not load, so i guess that makes long threads die out

i also dislike how you will have to scroll down all the way to the bottom to reply to the message, and it's even worse if you're in a rush so you may end up not even replying

maybe if the newest messages showed up at the beginning of the page, and had something like 10 messages per page, it'd be great

but uhhh i don't really like it so far

hey, i don't want to complain but-- what else can i do? :/

maybe if hull added the option to choose between this chat type of PM and the old one, it'd appeal to everyone
Avatar Finrod
24 Jan 2019 13:51
In reply to Gemini Guardian
My suggestion; If it was like groups or bulletin boards, it should either delete older messages after a set amount, or have an arrow button to a next page, revealing the rest of the message history.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
25 Jan 2019 01:37
In reply to Finrod
arrow button is definitely the better choice as i'm uh sure i'm not the only one who wants to save my pms-- plus it has been done so that's neato

just wish lag was fixed oof
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