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07 Feb 2019 03:04
Very good! I loved this poem. Good job.

I too know deaths games all to well.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
03 Feb 2019 23:01
this is good. i like this
Avatar Finrod
04 Feb 2019 13:47
In reply to Gemini Guardian
How to be an normal if not amazing SDK citizen, Exhibit A.
Avatar Rlad116
05 Feb 2019 18:28
In reply to Finrod
Exhibit B can be seen at the bottom
Avatar Gemini Guardian
04 Feb 2019 15:04
In reply to Finrod
y e s

i mean

i don't want to say nothing h
Avatar Asparagus
04 Feb 2019 01:44
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Thank you!
Avatar cdog3789
03 Feb 2019 21:37
Avatar Thi500
03 Feb 2019 20:21
Avatar Americanhero999
05 Feb 2019 04:06
In reply to Thi500
It's best if you say something nicer and not ****ing "lol" ****.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
03 Feb 2019 23:01
In reply to Thi500
what the hell dude
Avatar Asparagus
03 Feb 2019 21:18
In reply to Thi500
Hi, I started writing this because my grandfather is in hospice and is passing away probably within the next few months and it developed into something more than just that, but it’s a very special poem to me. I’m sorry you’re an ****. “Lol”. Have a great day.
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