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Bootleg Jason's Out There.


Avatar Finrod
07 Mar 2019 17:54
Wait are you making a 👏🏻Movie👏🏻Review👏🏻Series👏🏻
Avatar AssassinKitten
07 Mar 2019 18:22
In reply to Finrod
Maybe. Potentially.
Avatar Finrod
06 Mar 2019 18:13
Avatar AssassinKitten
06 Mar 2019 18:38
In reply to Finrod
The most intimidating of names
Avatar Asparagus
05 Mar 2019 22:14
I saw the movie, it sucked. I had hoped the lead actress would make it better. She didn’t. It’s so damn slow like you said. Wouldn’t recommend.
Avatar AssassinKitten
05 Mar 2019 22:16
In reply to Asparagus
I watched it out of boredom during a study hall because it sounded interesting. I only finished it cause I didnt have time to start a new movie.
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