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Drunk Cooking with Asparagus 3: ST. PADDY’S DAY EDITION - Popcorn


Avatar Gemini Guardian
19 Mar 2019 02:35
ok but what if your popcorn machine has no temperature control
Avatar Asparagus
19 Mar 2019 03:16
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Ours doesn’t, it’s either on or off. It reaches about 500°F. Most people make popcorn on the stovetop though (or microwave) so for stovetop, the burner heat should be roughly medium-high to high
Avatar Gemini Guardian
19 Mar 2019 05:47
In reply to Asparagus
i've never in my life heard of making popcorn on a stovetop
Avatar JonahBrake2
17 Mar 2019 22:27
Nice, but a bit too much popcorn for me
Avatar Asparagus
17 Mar 2019 23:03
In reply to JonahBrake2
It is so much popcorn
Avatar JonahBrake2
17 Mar 2019 23:20
In reply to Asparagus
Yes, too much of it

I had to share it with someone because it was so much
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