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Fireshadow pt 3.


Avatar Gemini Guardian
31 Mar 2019 13:07
pewdiepie's chair for free??
Avatar AmericanHero999
29 Mar 2019 13:48
Sorry that it's fast paced, there's few grammar errors, key details left out... I don't really write stories. So i'm not that good... I will keep learning...
Avatar Thi500
28 Mar 2019 22:57

you keep forgetting to leave out key details and detain from predictability. these won’t keep getting featured if you continue this.
Avatar Finrod
29 Mar 2019 01:41
In reply to Thi500
Honestly after reading this, yeah..
Avatar banjo2
28 Mar 2019 21:05
Maybe you could add something hinting at the next chapter, encouraging reading more?
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