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Avatar Haruspex
25 Apr 2019 01:00
Avatar HullBreach
25 Apr 2019 01:54
In reply to Haruspex
Avatar jsa005
03 Apr 2019 06:36
I look forward to seeing the new iOS app! One thing though, maybe it might be worth considering also a progressive web app?
Avatar FancyPants
02 Apr 2019 01:49
I don't mean to be rude, that's not my intention, but I'm curious as to your decision to release your upcoming games on 3DS and Wii U. Wouldn't Switch be a better option to get them more exposure and whatnot?
Avatar banjo2
02 Apr 2019 03:47
In reply to FancyPants
What Rlad said

And they don't have a Switch devkit yet
Avatar Rlad116
02 Apr 2019 03:28
In reply to FancyPants
1) it'd just get buried

2) I imagine they have been working on developing this for awhile so it may not be so easy to just scrap it and start from scratch with a new framework and what not.
Avatar Finrod
01 Apr 2019 21:37
Nothing important, carry on 🤷‍♀️
Avatar SkulHedFace
02 Apr 2019 05:08
In reply to Finrod
For the first time, I agree with Finrod.

Am I sick
Avatar Rlad116
02 Apr 2019 03:28
In reply to Finrod
Avatar banjo2
01 Apr 2019 04:52
Along with the drafted blogs appearing, can you make blog bump requests appear? I don't think they do.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
01 Apr 2019 02:20
the match-making feature sounds amazing along with most of what's in here
definitely excited for what's coming
quick question tho'-- where will we be finding the HullBreach Studios 3ds projects? if they're ready to be used
Avatar HullBreach
01 Apr 2019 15:30
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Avatar Gemini Guardian
02 Apr 2019 03:34
In reply to HullBreach
Tomeling in Trouble is only available for the Wii U at the moment, correct?
Avatar HullBreach
02 Apr 2019 11:48
In reply to Gemini Guardian
It’s also on Android.
31 Mar 2019 22:43
Looks awesome!
Avatar Rlad116
31 Mar 2019 22:41
I'm excited to see how the match making thing works.
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