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Sisterly Love


Avatar Gemini Guardian
06 Apr 2019 04:58
ok but why
Avatar CMRocks
04 Apr 2019 04:07
soooo she's death? I don't know how you guys come up with these things.
Avatar Asparagus
04 Apr 2019 04:21
In reply to CMRocks
She isn’t death, but she is inadvertently the villain because she killed her sister and her brother. I meant to toss in there somewhere that she started the fire too, but completely forgot before posting. In my head though, she did.
Avatar SkulHedFace
04 Apr 2019 01:47
So in other words... you're not drunk-cooking today?
Avatar Asparagus
04 Apr 2019 01:50
In reply to SkulHedFace
Not today, drunk writing
Avatar SkulHedFace
04 Apr 2019 01:52
In reply to Asparagus
Oh okay
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