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The Legend of the Coelacanth (A Tale from Henville)


Avatar Draconid_Jo
05 May 2019 11:33
Sorry, I wasn't sure if that would work (I actually reached the limit for the amount of text I could enter).
VEVDEE?? ("VEVDEE Bunny Sun" was always how my family said it) was my character in the original Animal Crossinng.
Everyone (except my dad, and even he did eventually) had a character in that game, but my mom was actually the first.
Henville is the name she came up with (Her character's name was Chickie), and from the very beginning, there was at least 1 chicken in town. (Hank, although he wasn't a hen, lol.)
Avatar CMRocks
05 May 2019 07:52
wanna put some spaces/paragraphs?
Avatar SkulHedFace
05 May 2019 05:42
For God’s sake, dude, use that enter button and skip lines every once in a while. xD
Avatar Asparagus
05 May 2019 04:12
this is certainly a wall of text
Avatar Thi500
05 May 2019 02:57
no idea how this got featured so PLEASE PLEASE fix the formatting. it's an eyesore to read through.
Avatar banjo2
05 May 2019 03:06
In reply to Thi500
You mean the lack of proper spacing?
Avatar Thi500
05 May 2019 03:08
In reply to banjo2
yeah that too
Avatar banjo2
05 May 2019 03:09
In reply to Thi500

You're not wrong
Avatar cdog3789
05 May 2019 02:49
The see-lo-canth

Avatar banjo2
05 May 2019 02:39
this is me
Avatar Gemini Guardian
05 May 2019 03:06
In reply to banjo2
i guessed so after i realized this was AC
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