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Choosing a Pokemon Game (For 3DS)


Avatar Dedode
09 May 2019 10:11
I'm sorry but the best Pokemon game for the 3DS is VC Crystal.
No but for real, ORAS is the best one, so much exploration and content added to it. It's a shame the Battle Frontier didn't make it in. ****ing Masuda.
Avatar Draconid_Jo
09 May 2019 12:46
In reply to Dedode
I Agree with EVERYTHING you just said (I like VC Crystal a lot, too). I wouldn't be so hard on Masuda, though. But Battle Frontier SHOULD HAVE been in ΩR/αS.
Avatar Divine Crusader
08 May 2019 17:53
Good to see some gaming content back

As far as the recommendation, X/Y was pretty fun. Added a load of things which kept competitive battling interesting probably that gen the most out of the lot. Sucks they take so many steps backwards as the games go on. Just hoping they make a decent online in the next one

Avatar oswaldo123
08 May 2019 20:28
In reply to Divine Crusader
Be ready for that comp battling in sword and shield

Even though I never played an online battle in my life :U
Avatar Divine Crusader
09 May 2019 02:56
In reply to oswaldo123
Hah, for sure. I’ll beat you in smash then Pokemon
Avatar Draconid_Jo
09 May 2019 08:31
In reply to Divine Crusader
Yeah, in my book, the PSS is better (from a communication standpoint) than the Festival Plaza in the new games. I also don't like how they removed Triple Battles in Sun/Moon (and the Ultras). I regularly do Random Matchup Triple Battles at the Battle Spot in Ω Ruby. And yeah, Y WAS a lot of fun. (My favorite is still Ω Ruby, though.)
Avatar Thi500
07 May 2019 16:53
these are literally the weakest games in the series lmao
Avatar Draconid_Jo
07 May 2019 19:00
In reply to Thi500
When you say "weakest", what exactly do you mean? Weak Storylines? Or are you saying they're too easy? IMO, the Δ Episode Storyline is the best Storyline of any Pokémon Game (I liked even it better than Emerald Version's). And as far as difficulty (and I'm trying to avoid spoilers here), the Final Battle of the Main Storyline in Ultra Sun/Moon is EXTREMELY HARD. Now of course, there are ways to make the Games way easier (Rotom Powers), but overall, I'd say all of these Games are just as hard (if not harder) than the original Gen 1 and Gen 2 Games.
Avatar Finrod
07 May 2019 15:14
None of these lol.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
07 May 2019 16:35
In reply to Finrod
what do you mean??
Avatar Draconid_Jo
07 May 2019 19:05
In reply to Gemini Guardian
I THINK he's saying he doesn't like any of these Games. Personally, I think that there all excellent Games. You'll notice I didn't recommend Sun/Moon though. With the Ultra Versions out now, there's not much point in buying them, unless you just want to go through the original Story.
Avatar Finrod
09 May 2019 15:13
In reply to Draconid_Jo
That honestly ^ the story of Pokémon games just isn’t really original and I’m tired of linear stories, I’m a little lenient on older gems because they’re OLD for a reason, but there was way more potential and way more exploration that could have happened. None of that exists. I only really would buy Pokémon games because now it’s just fanservice lol.

Also oops I just used the é. Rip notifications.
Avatar Draconid_Jo
09 May 2019 15:28
In reply to Finrod
It's true that the Games have gotten more linear, but it doesn't really make much difference to me. A linear Story is the same as a book, or a movie. And as far as Gameplay, it doesn't matter much, anyway. Once you complete ANY Pokémon Game, you have pretty much total freedom. In my mind, the post-Hall of Fame content matters more than how linear the Gameplay is during the Main Story.
And I'm not sure how "original" there stories are or aren't, but in my mind, they're good. If they copied something else, either that was good, too, or they improved it.
Avatar oswaldo123
07 May 2019 14:08
I'm just gonna wait for sword and shield since I never got a 3ds
Avatar Gemini Guardian
07 May 2019 13:49
this is really helpful, good blogg
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