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The Living Legend: Chapter Three- The Jail for Specials


Avatar cdog3789
23 May 2019 23:41
SEND CHAPTER 4 AND 5! aaaaaaaa
Avatar reml.o_x
18 May 2019 22:45
What banjo said, but nice story so far
Avatar banjo2
18 May 2019 20:05
Some of the usage of capitalization here is... Bothersome, at the most
Avatar redflarezZ
18 May 2019 20:08
In reply to banjo2
i know right

i want to scream at 8th grade me tbh

and my vocabulary only consisted of like... 5 words
Avatar CMRocks
19 May 2019 21:08
In reply to redflarezZ
why didn't you touch it up a bit
Avatar redflarezZ
21 May 2019 00:27
In reply to CMRocks
because i wanted it to be exactly how i wrote it so when i write more chapters it will show how i've improved as a writer
Avatar CMRocks
21 May 2019 01:26
In reply to redflarezZ

thats cool
Avatar redflarezZ
23 May 2019 01:25
In reply to CMRocks
yes yes
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