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Avatar Gemini Guardian
28 May 2019 07:05
*dies in ios 9*
Avatar M.J kInG
24 May 2019 04:11
I’m willing to take a crake at it.
Avatar jsa005
23 May 2019 20:18
Sounds fab, I’d certainly love to take part.
Avatar CMRocks
20 May 2019 15:11
I have an android tablet I'm fixing, so this'll be great!
Avatar banjo2
21 May 2019 05:05
In reply to CMRocks
You're gonna make the app yourself?
Avatar CMRocks
21 May 2019 05:13
In reply to banjo2
it'd be cool, might need some help though
Avatar banjo2
21 May 2019 05:15
In reply to CMRocks
Uh, good luck
Avatar CMRocks
21 May 2019 05:30
In reply to banjo2

my dad majored in stuff like this, so i'll prob ask for his help
Avatar Skeptical
20 May 2019 14:26
Nice, but sadly I am an android user
Avatar WeeMalSheeGas
20 May 2019 07:08
yes, good to know that this site is not totally abandoned
Avatar Finrod
20 May 2019 13:38
In reply to WeeMalSheeGas
Avatar Asparagus
20 May 2019 04:09
I’ll try it
Avatar Thi500
20 May 2019 00:57
Sure, I’m down
19 May 2019 23:40
I'm always interested in anything you make

Let me know when it's ready!
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